To the wakening the curiosity in relation to the sexuality in the adolescence, is folloied by few information. The parents, for not inquiring themselves or constaint in speaking on sex with its children, finish not fulfilling with its paper of familiar educator. Without an adequate orientation of the parents on sex, they leave the adolescent in disadvantage (Moreira, et al, 2008, p.135). The adolescents who engravidam in this period of development of the life, belong to the classroom low of the society. The lack of a good financial life leads to many mothers to work as domestic in family house, thus being leaving the adolescents its children the biggest possibility of freedom, being thus the adolescents has more freedom in this phase of curiosity that is the adolescence. Pregnancy in the adolescence as factor of high risk Of the obsttrico point of view, the pregnancy in the adolescence is considered of high-risk, which had to the raised maternal-fetal index of morbidade. It exists bigger incidence of anemia, toxemias (daily pay-eclmpsia and eclmpsia), urinria infection, low profit of maternal weight, prematurity, low weight to the rising, low index of Apgar and weans precocious, beyond low prenatal covering (Young chicken, 1995).

For the displayed one, he is clearly that the pregnant adolescents need specialized attention e, for in such a way, have been created specific programs of assistance prenatal for this group, which search, through a team to multidiscipline, to program an integral prenatal assistance and to develop auto-esteem, basic when if it intends to form a family and to offer support, with tolerance and flexibility, diminishing, thus, the anxiety of the gestante, what it favors and it consolidates its paper of mother (Viosa, 1992). However, many adolescents have not had access to these programs, still scarce in the country (Martinez et al., 1992). The conflicts in the pregnancy an pregnant adolescent is as an only individual, with different sensations and feelings.