Choosing a dominion name/Web site Advice to obtain a dominion name the visitors will find their Web site by their name of dominion. Others including Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, offer their opinions as well. The dominion name has two parts: Name + the extension (.com, .org, .com .mx, etc.). A name of dominion significant and easy to remember is great assets. With almost all the " buenos" names of dominion taken nowadays it is difficult to find good reputation. As the title of this article suggests, the name of the Web site also must be the name of dominion of the site. When people think about her Web site, they think about their name. If the name of the Web site is also its name of dominion, automatically they will know where going. What happens if its site is called " HostingProfs" , and nevertheless, its name of dominion is His clients, remembering who visited a called site HostingProfs, can look for it in the bar of directions of navigator as and are going to finish elsewhere and you will be losing a sale.

There are some advice to consider when choosing name for its Web site (also known like the direction the Web site, direction or name of dominion): 1. To try to obtain a name that is related to its business, its products or their services. For example to try to find a dominion name that includes the name of its company or the name of its product, because that is first that people will try to look for in her navigators. This also is a good practice when it is the positioning in finders (CATHEDRAL). To have a popular or significant key word in the name of the Web site, will help him to improve its position of its Web site in the results search for those key words; 2. If it cannot obtain the dominion name that wishes, it considers forms alternative of the name that wrote.