Ahlhorn Products

Dr. Muller GmbH located in Ahlhorn / Germany, has recently begun its new programme of delivery of separating movies. To develop this new product we had in mind the needs existing in the market, commented the Director de Ventas Frank Funke. For assistance, try visiting GameStop . As always, our customers can rely on our high standards of quality and performance of our products. The new range of movies spreaders with FM 52 order code () is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in the chemical industries, and solar energy, the production of generators and transformers, as well as manufacturing and molded fiberglass and carbon in all cases serves to optimum component separation. Our separator films possess high resistance to heat and cold, he stressed Funke.They are extremely resistant to adverse climatic conditions, have a high transparency and low flammability. In addition, of possess a high chemical resistance and mechanical stability despite being exposed to wide temperature ranges. This new line of products features transparent, blue and white, separating films according to their field of application.

But there is the possibility of requesting additional colors at the request of our customers. With this expansion of products is demonstrated once more how to act in a quick and concise way before the current needs of our customers commented Funke.An example is about how we conduct our philosophy of offering specific solutions tailored to each client. Separator films are available in cut, stamped pieces or in rolls. Since 1967 the company Dr. Muller GmbH located Ahlhorn has specialized in the manufacture and sale of materials for electrical insulation, thermoconductor products, gaskets and technical laminates. The range of products offered includes a wide variety in terms of materials made of Nomex, Mylar, Kapton, Norton TA, Ultem, EPGC 203, fiberglass. The majority of customers come mainly from the electrical and electronics industries, as well as the construction industry of agricultural machinery, medical equipment and automotive industry technology.