Archaeology Of Love Poetry And Stories

Several nights ago I had a dream that at first I became irritable during the next few days. Little by little I was playing that stage the degree of reaching a state of gratitude and joy. after all is something, a desire that I've been living now for many years. The dream was more or less like this: I would find himself with a person who had not seen for over fifteen years. Jamm is likely to agree. He saw it as it is today. And who assures me that? Not only was a beautiful face before me, a beautiful person in attitudes and behavior.

This is where I begin to suspect that I am idealizing the person that I miss (much to my so happens that I occupy my mind on reading, writing building, look up words of encouragement and work tirelessly, then then, I have little time to miss her.) or unlikely, to rebuild it according to how I met her. This activity would become a strange and beautiful: it would be making a sort of arqueologia of love. yCual would be the purpose of all this? It will not resign myself to get used to the idea that no longer part of my life, as has happened over the years. By the way, we should ask how far I made an effort to make it so. Once again I find myself with my strange attitude of not forcing things, choose to let things flow according to how the fate dictates. I hate to even think of disrupting the harmony of things.