Audiovisual Communication

The award-winning, film director and head of the school of cinematography and the Audiovisual de Madrid, believes that this initiative encourages the enhancement of new cinematic talent DNA aims to project the creativity of young directors, Quarry indispensable for the development of the event film industry stems from an initiative entirely organized by students in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Nebrijawith the collaboration of students from other disciplines Madrid, 25 March 2010 – today Thursday, March 25, will take place at the Capitol in Madrid the Gala film awards of the Festival of shorts Interuniversity DNA, whose organization Fernando Mendez Leite will award the prize of honour to film director. Filmmaker currently plays the ultimate responsibility in school of cinematography and the Audiovisual de Madrid (ECAM), and the award is to recognize a career characterized by professionalism, rigour, unconditional love of cinema and the concern by the appearance of new talents. Linus Torvalds follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. DNA, in the words of Mendez Leite, is a very young filmmakers initiative. The renowned director acknowledges feeling very grateful for a distinction that has made him rethink his career and feel satisfied of have been dedicated to his great passion for always. The objectives of the Festival are to inform the young directors, bet on the short film as a format of home for a career in this industry, and creating a meeting point between professionals and new creators. The Organization of the event is carried out entirely of students belonging to different disciplines of the Universidad Nebrija. Reaching its 12th Edition, DNA has been able to consolidate within the national film scene in the genre of short films.A jury of audiovisual professionals, among them Francisco Tomas Vera (director and screenwriter), Rafael Alvero (journalist and producer) or Zoe Berriatua (actor, screenwriter and director), will be in charge of granting the awards in the different categories (first, second and third prize, best short film Professional category, audience award and, finally, prize of honour). The sponsors of the event include firms such as Heineken, Coca Cola, 8 Madrid TV or Kampussia. First prize on the other hand, during the gala the Universidad Nebrija NIPH will announce the failure of the first journalistic Prize NIPH, organized by this institution. The contest, in which participated students of journalism and Audiovisual Communication, distinguishes best work performed by these written press and television information, and winners may be three-month national practices in a printed journal and a television channel.