Bettina Heiniger

Not as a guide. You will find nothing like that in your life. It will be only examples that can motivate you to make up for the new and experience it in your own way. You are unique, and the new energy created also just Einzigartiges. Before that I just With include sexuality, I’ll give you at least an example of what can new energy of so all hervorbriungen: we cook with gas. A gas bottle is used up usually after 4-5 months.

Three months ago, I checked the last bottle and found that she had to be as good as empty. Usually I would replace then right, to experience a “disaster” in the next few days in the middle of a cooking process. But this time it was somehow matter. I thought the gas will probably go out at an appropriate moment, where I have time to go to buy a new bottle to the site of gas exchange. Meanwhile are d M o r i n a t passed. It was exciting, as apparently the new energy also provided supplies, because we weren’t looking for physical explanations and us didn’t really care, when happened or would not happen. Finally, we had invited the new energy almost daily to take part in our lives and with to create. We were just happy that gas flowed.

Last weekend however, middle of the cooking. I thought so when the gas to end should go now, then that would be very inappropriate. Yes, that’s it then. The stove went out immediately. SEXUALITY if you want to learn beautiful sexuality, goes without any thoughts and expectations for this wonderful energy. You know themselves well enough. Sexuality can be experienced again and again (without constant change of position), with many happiness and merger conditions, which are unique in themselves. It assumes that you are completely open, surrender to those feelings and enjoy it without time and performance pressure. If you now invite just the new energy with this attitude of openness and joy, to take part, you are amazed. It reads now maybe something strange, when I write “invite”. But it is the most neutral. Invite without expectation. Just enjoy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin by clicking through. It will feel different each time. And it will open new doors. Don’t think, you had lived it all, what about sexuality. You are feeling experience, which you previously didn’t know…Time stand still. Please don’t hope after a long, exhausting day for a miracle. It will remain off. It is only in accordance with the consciousness of the detachment and the openness. Not to despair at the first few times. Stay playful and trust. The sexuality that you link with erwartungsloser love, will take you maybe the easiest way to new feelings of happiness. If you allow to connect to the new energy there, just the feeling and not logical thinking is you. Heart and feelings are open, and through this door, the new energy without another combines beautifully with you. Now transfer this setting on everything in your life and wonder also everywhere. Our seminars (all of them in a new lightness) and audio books are companions in this transition time. We are looking forward to you! sincerely Ralph Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist, Academy for holistic consciousness, in attachment to Bettina Heiniger