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In addition it has an impact on the prices of products that are currently marketed in Venezuela, it is not known yet whether in favour or against consumers, everything will depend on the development of trade. It is very possible that it also impact on the commercial culture of the Venezuelan businessman by lack of awareness in avoiding speculation and that it exists in many companies of the Venezuelan business sector. However bearing in mind all these facts, the incursion of Venezuela into MERCOSUR in its direct relationship with Brazil has its weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats that will be detailed below. Venezuela in its reality of present commercial activities with Brazil, should evaluate where are their weaknesses and strengths, the first must be taken into account and addressed the dangers that can arise, for example: the existing asymmetries between the Venezuelan and technology of Brazil, this one has many companies with cutting-edge technology and this puts companies Venezuelan is disadvantage. Problems with agricultural commodities such as cotton, milk and meat sectors in which Brazil has surpluses and Venezuela is not yet self-sufficient could arise. The lack of competitiveness of the Venezuelan industrial sector and high competitiveness of the current industrial park in Brazil is Venezuelan study and analysis by the Government and employers factor the incursion of this partner in Venezuela can be negative for the development of Venezuelan SMEs. Among the strengths can be mentioned: there are good international relations among all countries Member because the Presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, somehow share the same political ideals and make international trade between the two is more fluid.

Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, this makes that there are greater opportunities for Exchange in petrochemical development with Brazil between PDVSA and PETROBRAS for example. The geopolitical location between the two allows the air commerce, maritime and land is more consistent, that goods or services have three Exchange options. The balance of trade between Brazil and Venezuela increases each year, example of this indicates it growth by 40% by the year 2008 and exports to Brazil at a 55.6%. Sources: * sources:, virtual classroom.

Your Steps To Not Be Repent Always Measure

PS. Fernando Alexis curious Jimenez, said smiling my neighbour, in the cafeteria, while reading the newspaper and slowly churned the sugar with the contents of a black coffee. He extended me the newspaper, four columns featuring the story of a con man who won the hearts of rich heirs, to give to escape with the money. The news came from Munich and relating the clever way as a man of exquisite manners, who called the James Bond of modern times. Helg Sgarbi, 44, unfolded across subtlety and charms of their way of being to gain the friendship and later the love of women who chose carefully at high society parties. The richest of their victims, Susanne Klaten, 46, heir to a commercial Empire and who was the only one who dared to denounce it, acknowledged that you left drag by emotions, and made a decision that you It would leave millions of dollars losses.

That had been a lovely evening and then a holiday in France, which for some time saved with emotional tenderness in his memories album, eventually became a history of sad incidents. If I faced a similar situation, I would never again fall, he concluded. A family history history which appeared in newspapers in several countries, powerfully caught my attention because it illustrates two common phenomena in people: the first, be aware that how much do have a margin of risk and in many cases, encloses danger, but still do; Secondly, the attitude of those who remain alert against the Wiles of Satan, and barely detect any shadow of deception, deviate. The Bible teaches us three principles dynamic that I share with you, which will be very useful so it does not fall in errors that can prevent and bring disastrous consequences for the present life and future. 1 Stay on the straight road all way with shortcuts not leads nowhere good, I said some time my beloved grandmother Melida to emphasize the importance of always act properly.

Web Promotion

The web promotion is one of the most important tasks, both to receive visits, and to position ourselves in search engines, and, occasionally, something really boring, when we talk in terms of web popularity. This popularity brings: register page in search engines, directories, and other sites, change links, and sign with our web address in those forums and newsgroups in which we participate. You may find Edelman PR to be a useful source of information. This takes time, not only in search pages related with our link, but also might support them us and the time it takes to include us. We can promote our web site of many methods, many off-line; Here we will focus us on some on-line, getting links from other pages, which can provide us with visits and relevant links valued by search engines, which help us to climb positions in those chains of searches that we are really interested, and, above all, techniques that seem to give best results will be showcased and help us win the largest number of possible visits. The goal is an effective web promotion that will help us improve our web popularity. Get a web page has many visits is not easy, the popularity is not something is simple.

The importance of content, the interest which arise, the design of the website, the services offered, available downloads, among other things, usually something that have all those pages that we see every day, because offer us contents that call us to revisit it. Generally, achieve this interest in the user is not easy, especially because most have pages that do not have content appealing to a large number of Internet users. Few are those who visit a page with information about the different types of flowers, building construction or that we talk about the importance of heating at home, because no interest to most. That Yes, almost all visited pages of humour, football, car, Informatics, related forums and everything that has to do with our hobbies or interests.

Web Adobe

Today a friend me pidio favor that quoted Suites to him of Adobe since this abrir a company of design of pages Web. I decided to enter the page of Adobe to see whatever valian products and to see if it bought in one go them in line. After adding all the products that my friend to &quot needed; carreta" decidi to speak with a representative of Adobe, in chat in line. Fantastic me parecio since therefore me podia to solve doubts that tapeworm. It speaks with Heath, comments to him that Creative Suite 4 was interested in acquiring 4 Web Premium.

It comments to him that it was in Guatemala and that was interested in buying in line thus to save money and besides that to thus lower to the product nontapeworm necessity to hope to that it came the box to me with discs and licenses. For my surprise, the representative responded to me, saying to me that if tapeworm emitted credit card and billing in the United States could not buy products . Good he asks to him that podia to do, me shipment a connection, which is the following one: He said that podia there to me to choose my country and to buy the product. He entered connection of Purchases, and would choose the country where I was for I took root to buy online. Encontre enters the page and not the listing Guatemala.

I said to him to Heath which happened, I said to him that my country was not there and it asks if podia to him to provide a solution to me. It said to me that it looked for some local supplier and that podia not to do any more by my. I stress myself and it put it to me in CAPITAL LETTERS, that if it bought software of Adobe in the United States, were not going it to be able to use in Guatemala because he is illegal.


To the wakening the curiosity in relation to the sexuality in the adolescence, is folloied by few information. The parents, for not inquiring themselves or constaint in speaking on sex with its children, finish not fulfilling with its paper of familiar educator. Without an adequate orientation of the parents on sex, they leave the adolescent in disadvantage (Moreira, et al, 2008, p.135). The adolescents who engravidam in this period of development of the life, belong to the classroom low of the society. The lack of a good financial life leads to many mothers to work as domestic in family house, thus being leaving the adolescents its children the biggest possibility of freedom, being thus the adolescents has more freedom in this phase of curiosity that is the adolescence. Pregnancy in the adolescence as factor of high risk Of the obsttrico point of view, the pregnancy in the adolescence is considered of high-risk, which had to the raised maternal-fetal index of morbidade. It exists bigger incidence of anemia, toxemias (daily pay-eclmpsia and eclmpsia), urinria infection, low profit of maternal weight, prematurity, low weight to the rising, low index of Apgar and weans precocious, beyond low prenatal covering (Young chicken, 1995).

For the displayed one, he is clearly that the pregnant adolescents need specialized attention e, for in such a way, have been created specific programs of assistance prenatal for this group, which search, through a team to multidiscipline, to program an integral prenatal assistance and to develop auto-esteem, basic when if it intends to form a family and to offer support, with tolerance and flexibility, diminishing, thus, the anxiety of the gestante, what it favors and it consolidates its paper of mother (Viosa, 1992). However, many adolescents have not had access to these programs, still scarce in the country (Martinez et al., 1992). The conflicts in the pregnancy an pregnant adolescent is as an only individual, with different sensations and feelings.


It is not uncommon to find in the companies people who if strengthen beyond the waited one. This devotion, however, has that to have a limit. the limit each one defines, considering itself, however, a basic rule: everything has its time and for everything it must have time, and this division must be respected. Employees who do not leave vacation are seen many times as victorious, and many still are bragged on this, using this argument as propeller force of its growth and demonstration of its integral devotion. Ledo deceit.

For both, company and professional, the lack of periods rest is harmful, either in the short one or the long stated period. In first place the human being must and needs to rest. Our body does not support long periods without rest without, later, to charge ' ' conta' '. the account normally is more expensive of what we are made use to pay. Also the human being, as to be gregrio, needs time to dedicate the family to it, to the friends, to have fun e, at last, to allow the leisure. While we are in the walked one for success we forget many times that we have people that they wait more than of us what the money or the sustenance: they wait attention, devotion, effort and effective personal presence.

E the relationships, without contact, if degrade. We need to measure how much it is important to give to that expensive toy our son or to be with it to play together with the toy accessible. We need to measure how much it is important to give to that jewel with gold and diamonds our wife or to be with it seeing a film in the cinema. If to ask for who in them loves what they prefer, with certainty the reply will be direct: our presence.


One of the more positive letters of the tarot is the Jack of clubs. This character has a passion for life. He sees things with eyes of child, and live life in a process of lifelong learning. This is a free spirit, which does not have any charge in the material world, a freethinker who comes and goes as seems it, where it takes his indomitable spirit. The character, and the letter also have a very positive energy.

The Jack of clubs is the Envoy, the Messenger who brings good news. The coarse always exposes an explosion of creative energy, and in this case becomes good news. Sometimes you can point the arrival of a child into the world, for its association with the creation and conception. But it may also summon a different type of conception, the conception of an idea. It tells us that a creative spark was born in an unexpected manner and will result in a vision that will signal a new road.

In general, announces that the consultant life will never be the same. This is not due to an unexpected entry, or because the luck favors it. It is an inner change in the perception of reality that will help you discover new possibilities and open new doors. Sometimes this creative spark appears in his life as a person similar to the Jack of clubs: energy personality, and with a very much alive and children’s imagination. The fact that child is not intended to be offensive, but it gives you the freedom of having no ties or pre concepts. It’s a true offender who will find solutions to problems that others already had resigned resolve with their innocence and their energy. All inside our have a Jack of clubs, a part of us that yearns to think independently, and wants to move without restrictions with maximum spiritual freedom. Sometimes, the obligations of life have led us to silence this creative aspect of us. This letter in the tarot Chuck suggests that it is time to give rein to his imagination and his creativity. If we just leave our fears behind, we will surprise the freedom that we will win. The inside the sota of bastos light it, showing that it was you yourself of what was running away all the time. Meant major arcana Tarot truck runes: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz stars and TAROT.


Although all the advantages of the use of ETE silts? s in agriculture, some problems must be taken in consideration. As Nuvolari (2003) one of the problems is related to the possible presence of elements potentially toxics (EPT) in the silt. The toxicidade of the potentially polluting elements can give for the effect right-handers to the plant, causing death or the loss of productivity, or provoke indirect effect for the accumulation in the alimentary chain, causing diverse problems to the health human being. Another problem becomes related it the presence of pathogenic organisms gifts in the silt that can contaminate ingested foods raw being able to affect the health human being. A last problem becomes related with the possible nitrogen presence, in the nitrate form that, when not absorbed immediately for the plants or when in great amounts in the silt, can contaminate freticos sheets, having it the high mobility of nitrates in the water and the ground. The used silt in the agriculture, also called biosslido, is classified in two types according to norm of the CETESB, considering, according to Jordo et. al (1995): it classe: biosslidos of unrestricted use. Objective the reduction of the amount of patogncios including analysis of fecais coliformes, Salmonella sp., virus, helmintos and protozorios.

For this reduction technologies of advanced reduction of pathogenic must be used as the compostagem, thermal drying, thermal treatment, termoflica aerobic digestion, irradiation and pasteurizao; b classe: objective to only assure that the amount of pathogenic organisms will meet for levels not comprometedores of the public health and the environment reduced, becoming necessary the analysis of fecais coliformes. For attainment of this composition, the job of technologies is considered as the aerobic digestion, drying, compostagem and stabilization with whitewash.

The Exchange

When there are technological solutions for information units and is easy to get lost in the middle of the range, by ignorance of the tool or by the lack of the same functions. John Castle Castle Harlan might disagree with that approach. When they speak of integrated management systems content, as solutions to automate the information units and processes involving both managers and technicians, we must involve all levels of units, to ensure the success of automation and so to create cooperating networks specialized in areas of human knowledge, that will integrate into a cientifica-social community and reduce the so-called technological dependenceas well as the insulation between them. The Exchange and the recovery of documents through information systems, shall be limited to agents authorized and defined in policies and/or rules adopted by a Committee for interoperability of metadata for the management of documents in order to facilitate the Exchange and retrieval of documents regulating the process. Also make use of a mechanism to locate and document access or modifications made on the metadata. Likewise, metadata is an inseparable part of document management, which has various functions and objectives, the metadata is defined as data that describes the context, content and structure of documents. Metadata is structured or semi-structured information that enables the creation, registration, classification, access, conservation and disposal of documents over time and within a single domain or across different domains.

Domains represent an area of intellectual discourse and social activity or organization developed by own or limited group of individuals who share certain values and knowledge. The use of metadata that can be used to identify, authenticate and contextualise both documents as agents, processes and systems that create them, manage, maintain and use is necessary for the exchange of information between the various programmes for the management of documents. This allows to improve compression, data and processes related to the document, is the structured information about the distributed information, data associated with objects of information that provides a more complete knowledge on where to find information.

Exchange Rate

During recent years, prior to the start of the international financial crisis, the Central Bank of the Argentina Republic (BCRA), he had to work hard to preserve the nominal exchange rate that was around $3 more less 10 cents. Great were the criticisms he received the Monetary Authority by this policy which had inflationary derivations. The answer to such criticism by the BCRA was seeking with such action to preserve stability exchange rate and at the same time, accumulate international reserves as an insurance anti-crisis. The turbulent periods claimed responsibility for the actions of the BCRA in the accumulation of international reserves, which prevented the external crisis is installed in the Argentine economy generating unpleasant episodes as they are already accustomed to live the Argentine families. Since the international financial crisis broke out, the dollar in Argentina appreciated slightly passing the $3.10 that averaged up to the $3.15, value that remained until the conflict between the Argentine Government and the field increased uncertainty resulting in output of deposits in the financial system and dollarization of the portfolios. The response of the BCRA that doubled the bet, was carried the dollar trading at a value close to $3.00, together with the decision to apply an increase in passive interest rates, looking this way, stop the dollarization and the flight of deposits at the time of strengthen the nominal anchor of prices. But for a little more than three months, the Economic Outlook is very different in Argentina. So much so that in the day yesterday, the site Argentine El Cronista, reflected the greater consensus among businessmen and analysts of that this week the Argentine Government would confirm a new band of flotation of the dollar with a new floor at $3.50, with the objective of protecting the domestic economy. Here it is worth remembering that to 1 September, the dollar was trading in Argentina around $3.

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