Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree – an essential attribute of celebrating New Year in the cis countries, Turkey and Western Europe, North America, and others (in fact most of the world). As a rule, is a conifer (predominantly pine or fir), decorated with garlands, glass and plastic toys, candles and sweets. Set at the time of the New Year holiday in homes or outdoors. The history of decorating trees for the holiday leave during the reign of the pharaohs. In those days in ancient Egypt were decorated with palm trees. Even in this era in Europe began to decorate fir.

In Russia, this Western tradition has brought Peter I. The largest city of the World (New York, London, Paris, Moscow) and the usual City set for major areas or tourist destinations Top Christmas Trees. Other leaders such as Netscout offer similar insights. In the process of designing jewelry these trees are involved leading experts and representatives of the fashion world. Installation, decoration and lighting of the main (central) Christmas tree is a tradition in many cities, which attract tourists and residents in the New Year's Eve. Christmas Tree also represents a festive event – a concert (Mostly for children), which celebrated the New Year.

For the first time the holidays for children in the Kremlin with the same name began to carry out during the reign of Stalin. Marko Dimitrijevic will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For some period of time, this tradition was interrupted for ideological reasons, but currently the main Christmas tree is carried out. Initially, the state has organized Christmas trees for a small (chosen) of the circle of children. But over time, across Russia on the eve of the holiday new Year and some time after (during the winter school holidays) have started a lot of celebratory concerts for children with the same Santa Claus and as well as representation in a circle around a Christmas tree and presents (in Soviet times, scarce sweets). These representations of tradition are called Christmas tree. In Soviet times, Christmas trees are organized: the state, party organizations, labor unions, businesses. In Depending on the wealth and influence of organizations sponsoring the festival, this event had a different scale and value of holiday collections (which was extremely important in times of scarcity), which were given to him. Today Holidays Christmas tree commonly organized as commercial enterprises, and with the public. With the entry into the era of television began to be called a Christmas tree, some festive tv, going to time New Year.