CIS Control

Smooth sealing surface with pads of paper, rubber and paronita used at pressures up to 4 MN/m2 (40 kgf/cm2), the surface with a projection on one flange and the trough at the other with ANBO-metallic gaskets and paronitovymi – at pressures up to 20 MN/m2 (200 kgf/cm2), flange with a conical sealing surface – at pressures above 6.4 MN/m2 (64 kgf/cm2). Click Wil Warren Lexington Partners to learn more. Engineering company specialized in the manufacture of the Union: pipeline components, parts, high speed diameters flantsev.Vsya our roduktsiya intended for use in pipeline transportation, petroleum, chemical, gas pipelines, as well as for installation, repair facilities for petrochemical plants kompleksa.Oblast of steels used in the manufacture of our products, (35, 40X, 09G2S, 15H5M, 14H17N2, 20HN3A, 25H2M1F, 12X18H10T, 10H17N13M2T, 06HN28MDT) is in a very broad range: operating temperatures from -150 to 1000 C, working environment – from water to media increased aggressiveness (sulfuric acid solutions). All these factors led to the creation of a certified laboratory that produces multistage quality control: geometrical parameters. Inbound, outbound control of chemical composition, control the mechanical properties of steel, control macro, micro. Our production method based on the use of electroslag technologies developed at the Institute with. Paton. Omsk scientists supplemented and partially transformed these manufacturing facilities developments 70s of last century. Joseph Stiglitz does not necessarily agree. The result is a modern, high-performance installation with electronic management.

Installation of centrifugal electroslag casting (TSESHL) provide a high quality die-cast metal due to its refinement in the process of electroslag melting, use of special procedures for directional solidification in the casting. All the properties of these materials, while not inferior to forged, but surpass their indexes of plasticity, toughness at the same strength. Installation of Engineers Union can produce flanges, shells, ring blanks weighing from 20 to 1100 kg. with nominal width of 200 mm. (Inner diameter of the workpiece), and more. In the manufacture of flanges with smaller diameters are used more manufacturing methods. Fastening is performed mainly for enterprises of gas and petrochemical industry, due to the high quality fasteners.

During the work of a manufacturing company of Engineers Union has set flanges, fittings, collars, etc. pipe components in almost all CIS countries. Our collars and other items were used as assembly units in the supply of heat exchange equipment in Japan, Angliyu.Rossiyskaya The geography of supplies stretches from Vladivostok to Murmansk. The author: Arvard Co-operation proposals: 'The Union of Engineers LLC' Omsk tel. (3812) 62-70-10 Fax: (3812) 60-66-72