No person is forced to live in pair, is a personal decision also is a human necessity to.juntar themselves, to tie, to share to.sentir itself dear and valued and, biologically the sexuality is a necessity, as well as the continuation of the species, that in psychological terms stays noticeable as the necessity to extend Then, I ask myself How it is that if the life in pair is so important, for the great majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth, she becomes so complicated, so wished and so suffered? The complicated thing is the relation in pair, or will be that the human beings we are infinitely complex and one of the places in which this is demonstrated he is indeed in these relations One of the great subjects which they are listened to is regarding the communication within the pair, men and women hurt of which their pairs do not listen to them, do not hear them or they are not able to include/understand what the other says to them For being able to communicate to us, the first requirement is to be kind, to take care of what our pair says to us, or it wants to say to us, but also to know what is what we mean. Per moments, we spoke crooked, or we so did not use the words which we want to express, that is to say, we disguised, tenth between teeth, or simply we give to understand. All is forms to communicate, but I surely disguise what I mean, my pair, understands another case and that yes, that is a jam in the communication the human communication, has many facets. The communication does not exist, always we are not saying things, not only with words, also the voice tone is important, the form we expressed as it, and our position and gestures contribute to emphasize the communication.