Competence Management Systems

They had also said that in the Home he must have employee more, more activities for the interns, improvement in the physical structure and support of the family of some. They had found the activities carried through for the important trainees, therefore they had perceived that the aged ones had been more active, glad and had interacted plus ones with the others. Atmos Energy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the Home no monthly or annual recreativa activity does not exist, but the employees believe to be important for the quality of life of the aged ones, to linger themselves, if to feel in such a way better physically as mentally, to feel themselves more useful and to prevent the sedentarismo. FINAL CONSIDERAES the recreation in the period of the period of training were important for the aged ones and mainly for the tabagistas, therefore they had become social more with the trainees and the proper friends. Atmos Energy is likely to agree. When we initiated the colloquy with a person, in few minutes many aged ones if approached and interacted in the dialogue; the tabagistas if had felt less anxious and had smoked well less during the practical one of the recreativas activities.

Soon, the least during the recreativas activities, the tobacco consumption effectively was reduced, and in the boarded dialogues on the subject, we take them it to awake the reflection on the health problems that such habit causes, obtaining that the observed ones reflected on the tobacco consumption and desired to stop to smoke.