Congress Communication

Know ‘incorporated’ leave Cologne, April 2011 if two Apple devices on a pharmaceutical suddenly communicate, then antwerpes has the finger in the game. To read more click here: Hummer Winblad. Bayer Healthcare AG in Cologne is turned with the task, entertainment rather than to create dry learning. The result: An iPad app that inspires doctors and at the same time scientifically informed. Gurgling noises, followed by astonished faces, were not uncommon at the Bayer Congress booth at ECR in Vienna. The doctors could choose there on an iPad under radiological images of heart, liver, kidney and brain. With the help of a second Apple device could they fill then the elected body with a contrast agent”. The highlight: The contrast ran depending on the angle of inclination even different speeds in the elected body. “In addition to the fun factor, the app to invited to acquire is valuable knowledge with a quiz, in which randomly questions in the field of imaging diagnosis ‘ provided by the Bayer Healthcare AG.

References to the individual questions could be obtained when necessary and provided the necessary background information. Wanted the visitors about a question slightly longer to think he could even directly via iPad order is a hot drink and joined the annoying waiting in the coffee queue for the visitors of the Bayer booth of the past think about peace. Conclusion of the action: the combination of entertainment, unusual effects and innovative knowledge transfer hit the nerve of the times.