Constitutional Court

SCHLECKER exploitative companies such as, for example, the drugstore market group be with taxpayers (Hartz IV Aufstocker) subsidized. The overall balance of the SPD-led social crime is devastating. Hartz IV has contributed significantly to the radical deterioration of the social and basic rights situation in Germany. Even the administrative organisation of the basic provision for jobseekers is a slap in the water. She is been qualified by the Supreme Constitutional Court clearly as unconstitutional. The Federal Constitutional Court, the deliberately much too low sized rule services available currently on the test bench. The executing clique of social robbers, SPD, Greens, CDU/CSU, FDP and unions faces the ruins of their policy. Hartz IV must be without if and but.

Germany needs social legislation, which allows for a dignified life as those affected. Here urgently needs a change of thinking employed. Rethinking too little, here those responsible need to be held accountable. And now after 5 years of Hartz IV, NRW politicians get a guilty conscience because they have noticed that it is the citizens, only lied to and cheated to be.Because they have noticed at the Komunalwahl in May will be settled.And that too right! Personally I care rather what ‘says the Constitutional Court to the rule set’. And what consequences a judgment of the Supreme Court entail. And there in the elite ranks of the ‘folk’ parties only rats from economy, banks and ‘Experts’ from IFO is institutes, etc., will be the reaction that probably a new reform or a change, as well as new constitutional judge, perhaps even from the FDP,. My voice no longer gets the asocial party SPD in life, because as a crime against the people of this country is and should not be forgotten.