Design Proposal

New ideas for a care-free and beautiful balcony jewelry it’s Midsummer and at the same time major holiday periods. “There, the desire is not far to beach, sea and South Pacific feeling, also if this year the holiday home on Staycation” will spend. But what do to conjure up some holiday mood on the domestic balcony? Real plants need good care knowledge, abundant water and fertilizer to give really real holiday feeling. But what do you do if you just rushed off and stressed out from work home to 18:00, and simply no desire has only time to water the plant treasures across completely dried out throughout the hot day. There is the desire, at home easy immediately after arrival be very eigenesBalkonparadies to be able to enjoy.

I have solved the problem on my small balcony as follows: the mystery: artificial plants! Nowadays, these plants are so perfectly crafted, that they the original to the confuse similar look only much longer-lasting, more beautiful and clearly without any Maintenance effort. Celina Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. The variety of style and color of the artificial plants is Yes nowadays seemingly limitless. The matching can be found for each size of the balcony. You can really free rein his desire. Whether Asia combined with a small vision protection mat, bamboo, or in a Mediterranean style with Olivenbaumchen and oleander. Or but the pure feeling of South Pacific with Palm trees and coconuts man can fit really perfectly his balcony every taste. And all within 20 minutes where you decide how to distribute the individual plants. So: ran on the ratty balcony in the sleeping and with some plants the perfect paradise Julia into Lorenz