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In addition it has an impact on the prices of products that are currently marketed in Venezuela, it is not known yet whether in favour or against consumers, everything will depend on the development of trade. It is very possible that it also impact on the commercial culture of the Venezuelan businessman by lack of awareness in avoiding speculation and that it exists in many companies of the Venezuelan business sector. However bearing in mind all these facts, the incursion of Venezuela into MERCOSUR in its direct relationship with Brazil has its weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats that will be detailed below. Venezuela in its reality of present commercial activities with Brazil, should evaluate where are their weaknesses and strengths, the first must be taken into account and addressed the dangers that can arise, for example: the existing asymmetries between the Venezuelan and technology of Brazil, this one has many companies with cutting-edge technology and this puts companies Venezuelan is disadvantage. Problems with agricultural commodities such as cotton, milk and meat sectors in which Brazil has surpluses and Venezuela is not yet self-sufficient could arise. The lack of competitiveness of the Venezuelan industrial sector and high competitiveness of the current industrial park in Brazil is Venezuelan study and analysis by the Government and employers factor the incursion of this partner in Venezuela can be negative for the development of Venezuelan SMEs. Among the strengths can be mentioned: there are good international relations among all countries Member because the Presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, somehow share the same political ideals and make international trade between the two is more fluid.

Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, this makes that there are greater opportunities for Exchange in petrochemical development with Brazil between PDVSA and PETROBRAS for example. The geopolitical location between the two allows the air commerce, maritime and land is more consistent, that goods or services have three Exchange options. The balance of trade between Brazil and Venezuela increases each year, example of this indicates it growth by 40% by the year 2008 and exports to Brazil at a 55.6%. Sources: * sources:, virtual classroom.