Jean Piaget School

Who was Jean Piaget?His contributions in the field of education in school psychology were of vital importance, so much so all 17 September is celebrated the day of the psychologist in commemoration of his death and in addition there are many schools that continue with their teachings as the Jean Piaget School that now bears his name.Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was a psychologist experiences, Swiss biologist and philosopher who developed the theories of assimilation and accommodation, genetic epistemology and made contributions in the field of evolutionary psychology and studies on children.Several studies published on child psychology and elaborated a theory of intelligence prelogical describing the development almost spontaneous a practical intelligence that is based on the action.

He believes that the principles of logic begin to develop before the language and are generated through baby’s sensory and motor actions in interaction (e) interrelation with the environment, in particular with the sociocultural.His studies demonstrated that there are qualitative differences between children’s thinking and thinking adult, then developed the constructivist learning theory. She determines that cognitive ability and intelligence are closely linked to the social and physical environment. More information is housed here: Cisco. Also considers that the two processes that characterise the evolution and adaptation of the human psyche are those of assimilation (internalization of an object or an event to a structure behavioural and cognitive preset) and accommodation (modification of cognitive structure to accommodate new objects and events that were unknown). Both capabilities are innate and that by genetic factors are being deployed to certain stimuli in very specific phases or stages of development.Over time there has been an evolution in terms of teaching methods, and application of new theories has served to further understand the human behaviors. With school psychology (applied science that studies the behavior of men in socio-educational situations) achieved a major breakthrough in the fields of pedagogy and educational therapies, special education, educational policy and is an aid to children in their teaching and learning process.. See Marko Dimitrijevic for more details and insights.