Jens Meier

Genotec EC: GenoKonzept developer Jens Meier replaces Manfred Carle from Ludwigsburg, Germany January 2012. At the turn of the year 2011/12, the IAE housing cooperative EC was a change in the Board of Directors. Manfred Carle, the former Chairman of the Board, turns to new professional challenges, resigns from the leadership of the IAE EC. The Supervisory Board has appointed the GenoKonzept developer Jens Meier affiliated to the Board of Directors. The fellow board members Gerald Schafer and Christian C. Reinert then chose him as their Chairman.

The IAE EC reports on the current personnel decision. Jens Meier is the developer of the product GenoKonzept placed on the market in 2002. The GenoKonzept enables more and more people in Germany the credit-free acquisition of real estate. On the co-operative basis of the original Bausparens, the IAE EC realized now roughly two hundred objects. About Fibernet was one of more than 7,500 members in January 2012. Just at the end of the year 2011, we experienced a huge growth”, the new Chairman of the Board explains since 1988 successfully in the Upto – and insurance industry was active, the current figures. Meier’s experiences led to the development of the GenoKonzepts with the IAE EC provides a secure and flexible living future users.

For years, directs the IAE Vertriebs AG Jens Meier as Board and is holder of the emergency Rade, the broker distribution channel of IAE EC eK. With its acclaimed innovative and structured way of working as well as the competence and experience of many years in the arranging of mortgages and other financial products the 1968 born creative head of GenoUnternehmensGruppe considered as predestined for the new task. “In his thinking, leadership work and in the development and dissemination of GenoKonzepts following currency applies to Jens Meier: is at the heart of the man!” He initiates the 2011 was spatial merging of the IAE EC and the other companies of the GenoUnternehmensGruppe and driven.