Per hour, surviving two 3 grs emergency laparotomy. Jimmy Carter follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Hemoglobin, beating 3 heart failure, Renal failure, bronchopneumonia, Sepsis and mess, walking with a Platinum 35 cm. For even more opinions, read materials from Bobby Meacham. thick plate and 12 screws on the waste of both Femur yesterday with that past of horror, as they are now supporting an unjust infection of Hepatitis C, an unjust and terrible hepatic cirrhosis and a frightening Cancerundeserved! But above all achieving an organ, a donor, in a society that is not polite to donate, managing to be operated a transplant!, with all its risks and complications, and more still surviving the same, amid predictable complications who, behind everything?, who? but God, the God of life and history, Here there is no chance, random, or luck, here in these stories there is a concrete God, preventing our pettiness, apostasy and ridiculous arrogance coupled to a brain limited and caged in an ancient conception of life Antropomorfica and the Personal history and Social, we humbly accept these facts extraordinary in its proper dimension of everyday miracles! now continue to life, with its ups and downs, with their difficulties, but family has recovered his peace, has regained his enthusiasm for life has reverdecido their hope, their goals, has oxygenated your mornings, their sprays, after having traveled a long, calcinante and unforgiving desert, ebullient heartbreaks, calvaries and martyrdoms, where at the end waited them the promised land, in the form of transplantationthe promised land was not an Oasis, a mirage, an illusion, a dream, but a reality that returned us to life! Repatriating us the background of darkness, of those unknown caves, where arrive the rays of the Sun, nor the chirping of Mockingbirds as it will arrive any day to friends who still waiting on the list! Remember to Lope de Vega: that more kills, waiting for the good that it takes, that suffer the evil that is already! R Burton used to say that La Esperanza and patience are safe remedies and soft cushions, on which we can rest us in adversity!.