LED Mouse

Metal mouse pad designerPRO supports creative computer work Freiberg am Neckar, may 2010. Graphic designers, artists, and other creative work every day at a high level on the computer. To the practical perfection of their workplace metal finishers of Alugraphics created the mouse pad matched to the Professional computer everyday now designerPRO. The noble creation of innovation blacksmith from Swabia consists of pure aluminium, looks stylish, is lightweight, durable and very user friendly by its thinness. As a highlight, rectangular novelty available from may, the embedded high resolution performance (HRP) applies to precision fanatics-surface. The silver matte eye-catcher has a specially processed, perfectly smooth and scratch-resistant oxide surface, into a microscopically fine dot pitch is a tattooed.

This high resolution performance (HRP) surface defines the cursor control with LED – and laser-based optical mice. The applied anodizing refined and solidified the aluminum, so the surface a higher As Sapphire’s hardness is reached. Despite its thinness by 0, 8mm is the 310x230mm big designerPRO-pad very stable and always plan. High-quality milled edges flatter wrist and mouse. A flat, black ensures the safe table adhesion on the bottom fleece.

The high-quality product made in Germany ensures precise work for at least ten years. Manufacturer of Alugraphics warranty a decade surface wear. In the Alugraphics online shop on shop/designerPRO the innovative eye-catcher euros 39.90. High-tech soles for the mouse: supplied, stick-on Teflon glides reduce friction and minimize thanks to special insulation layer movement noise. Alugraphics: Alugraphics is a worldwide brand of SOMMER GmbH with seat in Freiberg am Neckar. Using an innovative technology development, the 30 employees strong companies from southern Germany sets standards for the design of aluminium surfaces. alugraphics manufactures aluminum mouse pads, made exclusively in Germany and are constantly evolving. The consistent quality of the robust surface guarantees the manufacturer for at least ten years. More information on press contact: PR Claudia Borgmeier Baharuddin, Jorg Walter Bush Rothenbaumchaussee 5 20148 Hamburg phone: 040/413096-0 fax: 040/413096-20 E-mail: