Leni Tschudi

It was not always fun to be a black Princess. No one could have imagined what fu? r terrible things anytime, always and u? everywhere happen how could you u? addition soon will see. Once bed and Sue camped with people from their tribe on the Roper River, when she suddenly of their bitterest enemies, the Willeroos, were attacked. All ran into the Bush to hide, pursued and harassed by the Willeroos. Loud with fear and the mess fell into the river bed and immediately decided to stay in the water. She could think of no safer place, despite the crocodiles. Bed swam under water up to the steep shore.

She clung tightly to the roots of an old tree and pulled up. As soon as she found footing, put it gently nose and mouth u? ber the water mirror, geschu? appreciated by the large leaves of the water lilies. And since she, long, long, stood motionless and looked with her little naked body just like any of the many shadows. As soon as everything was quiet and the twilight descended, she thought he was in safety fu? r the night. She crawled out of the water. “Then came out of hiding even Sue jumped and licked bed bed hand, as if she wanted to say: but this time it caught us almost!” Bed spoke softly to the dog, then stalking the two on the abandoned camp around and searched for anything edible that back? ckgeblieben was. It took long to sue a Stu? ck raw beef was. Bed so that no one could see the smoke made a fire in the Bush.

While dinner was cooking, the two crept tightly nestled on the warm fire, because it was very cold. After the flesh began to burn. Linen bed speared it on two branches and tried in vain to blow out the flames. Quickly she put the meat on the floor, threw a handful of Earth on it and smothered the flames. Laughing dog and the girl looked at himself, as they wanted to say: we are not clever? We know how we must help.” Both wanted to just to her, grinding settle when something terrible happened. “Somebody grabbed bed from behind and a voice thundered: Hi, what’s your name?” The book was published in 1906 by Jeannie Gunn and Leni Tschudi-ru? egg in the German u? Sukhumvit. Araki Publisher 125 pages paperback 12.90 ISBN 978-3-941848-05-4