Life Lessons A “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

Here I present one of the three articles I will be posting the next few days on life lessons that I read Robert Kiyosaki and I want to share them with you in my own words, for not only read them but put them into practice and given me good results. First lesson "N DE VIDA: Change Your Questions, Change Your Life The point of this is to transform negative thoughts into seeds of good fortune, and key to achieving this is to change our questions. Then explain what I mean. People tend to ask questions of others as a yPara much money do you want? a , a yNo you already have enough? a . Instead of thinking that way, they should ask questions to themselves as a yPor I do not I have as much money as him? a .

The secret to this question lies in not being satisfied with what you have, conversely, to have desire to improve, get new challenges analyzed and improved to achieve that lifestyle. They often ask questions that make mediocre mediocre responses that keep them in the same situation, in fact, such people often have the most financial problems. For example, a yPor wonder why I'm poor? a , and are justified with answers like, a Soy poor because I was born into a poor family, because my father earns too little, or because in this country is impossible adelantea out. However, things would be different if, instead of wondering why they are poor, a yPor wonder why in this world there are rich people and poor people?, Que define your situation? a .