You must have patience while you get your guests and they get theirs, in a few months you will see amazing results for your life and your well-being. As well mentioned it earlier, income to sustain this project leaves the utilities which normally leaves the process of purchase and the Merchant provides us with thanks to the agreements we make with manufacturers, importers and producers of goods and services. That money is distributed equitably among all actors to improve their quality of life. The money contributed by these businesses is used to give discounts on the same products and services offered by them and at the end are paid to the merchant by the Association of buyers. Atmos Energy can aid you in your search for knowledge. As you can see, everybody wins with this project, the buyers we receive discounts up to the total of our shopping, merchants receive payment just for your sales and manage to retain their customers so that they can win, even if they buy elsewhere and manufacturers can double your sales and increase employment, thanks to the increase in the purchase capacity of partners. There are a few simple rules in this game that support the entire strategy of ending hunger in Colombia to know: must make purchases of over $10,000.00 per week. We must invite other people to participate in this game. We must be aware of our guests buy in the Gavetiendas. Check with Smithsonian Magazine to learn more.

To support the goal of having a quiet life, we provide all the necessary information so that you support your guests to do their homework, to achieve this, the system of provides the following information automatically. Observes traffic light tea will inform every time that you or any of your referrals buy, how much you should buy weekly for to fulfill your dream, in time and in Gavitones. The portal informs you in your private Gavemundo if your guests are buying. .