Labour and professional issues are reason for frequent consultation. Usually the consultant wants to know whether to make progress in its work, or directly, if you are going to get that coveted job. To do this, the Tarot cards can be an excellent way to visualize that future us has freedom surpasses, and thus be able to anticipate what is coming our way. The fool, Arcanum without number, is a letter of good omen. It urges us to take a real leap of faith, to move forward even though we have not entirely clear how things will be. The Loco moves forward, moved by a natural creative energy, that leads him, although decisions may then not have as support. We are encouraged to take risks, perhaps by accepting a new job, or pursuing a new project whose outcome is not all insured. The magician is also a menu that offers good prospects.

In this case, success is a product of luck as it consultant is well prepared to face the challenges that are presented. The power comes from your inner wisdom and knowledge make good use of resources. Accordingly, if it’s the search for a new job, for example, the consultant should know that you can tackle the task with great potential for success. Valentine augur well for the dream job, the perfect job. Consultant will understand what is asked, and their employers will be a whole satisfied with its performance. This letter reflects personal satisfaction, happiness, completeness.

Valentine is a letter which speaks of the emotions, so it could be labor progress that do not necessarily result in tangible economic improvements, but in a be better emotionally. The truck is one of the Tarot cards which speaks of the triumph. Plainly, the consultant can expect a resounding success of exit this Arcanum revealed in Chuck. But it is not a triumph as the wheel of fortune, which is mainly due to random. In this case the success is related to the constant effort, reflected by two spirited steeds pulling truck. It is a war chariot, which tells us that the person has made all the actions needed to conquer what by right belongs. When this arcane goes on Chuck, the future saves a pleasant surprise: can be a labour coronation, or a new and better job. Jesus Morrison; letters of the tarot original author and source of the article