Navigator Software

Modules are characteristic also in these software games, libraries, galleries and curious that in very particular cases they provide information regarding matters of general knowledge, that can pass a part of the culture of children who penetrate in this collection. Two modules that are important are which are aimed at teachers, i.e. Add to your understanding with Jay Leno. the trace that records the travel of children by the software, which is vital in the sense of the systematic update of the diagnosis of each in relation to the contents that are included in the software. Also the master module which This is methodological precise guidelines for the treatment of the contents of the software, as well as other documentation related to the topic that is the software. In general you can appreciate that the new concept of collections is presented with an extensive curricular character, which means that the software constitutes a full computer support for the teaching process for each of the subjects and grades for which the programme is aimed.

Through these collections of software, unable to comply with the two major objectives of computers to these teachings, in the sense of giving output a: initial and basic computer skills that permit child to interact with the computer using the software and other essential utility programs. The contents of each level and each teaching curriculum. The two following collections of educational software developed in the study centres and young club in cuba, respond to the demands of the curriculums of primary and Preuniversitario teachings and are called Multisaber and future respectively. In both cases is used the structure of the hiperentornos of learning, for the facilities offered by this environment as the curricular conception of the software support comprising them. The modular structure similar to the parsed for the Navigator collection characterizes products obtained, as well as the facilities of the navigation between them.