Next Words

Pity only exacerbated the suffering and compassion bwirkt the opposite a major motif of many people, personal suffering and to tell as many of their next disease is to arouse the pity of others. As the word implies, compassion means that one suffers with -“, taking the negative words of another into itself, you mentally deals with its suffering and will feel soon as troubled and saddened his counterpart. Has recorded in the negative of his opponent and thereby approved that can impact the depleting power of negativity in the soul. Can be first more harm then in the moment itself. The words of consolation, which called, have become empty and powerless. You can’t believe even that what one says to the other.

We can always just give another person, what they took on itself (we would record only the good in us and assume we would have only the good in us) as easy’s. A man can his Next no courage and comfort speak to when he has opened his heart to the plaintive words of his opponent. Can be seen the difference between pity and compassion at the action of a mother, to which their child applies, if it has hurt. Tim Raines may also support this cause. The child only once pouring out his heart and says what hurts. But then the mother is lovingly distract his mind from the pain and say good words that tell something beautiful, and maybe even compassionate in the arm to take the child. The mother will say to the child: it is again well, just think, look, you remember what we did good yesterday have the child will be opening his heart the words of the mother and this in itself. His thoughts are distracted by the negative, geared towards good, Nice.

As a result it is connected internally with the good, and the constructive, invigorating power of good thought will make soon noticeable. The mother retains its power, because she do not stop with the suffering and engaged, but their words the spirit of the child connects based forces. This simple example of a mother makes clear the difference between pity and compassion. Who wants to help themselves and others, should lead to his and the thoughts and words of others only the good and never on the suffering and illness from sticking. To have compassion not means that one indifferent to the next in the emergency, but making up so much love and compassion, to take care of his and to strengthen its courage and confidence, in other words, to help him to connect again with the good and positive things in life. Sincerely, Monika Walbert and Thomas Lang authors of book: gentle healing with quantum energy