Jurgen Engelhardt Of New Managing Director Of The GPM

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement Nuremberg, 18.12.2013 – the GPM Board has appointed at its last meeting this year Jurgen Edwards to the new Managing Director of the German Association for project management GPM. He succeeds early January Rainer Luddemann, who resigns for personal reasons. Jurgen Engelhardt has developed the project management process for the DSGV German savings banks and Giro Association and successfully launched. In the course of this activity, he has established a project management office and managed. Still he has with the! program for the savings bank organisation introduced an education and training program for project managers and staff.

An database of implementation of and knowledge – with the implementation Toolkit “was created for the results of all strategic projects of the savings bank organisation. Jurgen Engelhardt is 59 years old, married, has two sons and lives in Berlin. Communication is critical for success in the project work in his opinion: speech is silver silence Opposite of constructive. The talking togetherness and an intensive exchange of information are the main drivers for a successful project.” As Managing Director Jurgen Engelhardt is responsible for the overall conduct of business of the association with the twenty employees in Nuremberg and Berlin, initiate cooperation and carry out representation tasks at home and abroad. Particular focus will be the development and implementation of the GPM’s ambitious growth strategy. The Chairman of the Board of the GPM, Reinhard Wagner, explains: with Mr Edwards gained a proven expert in the field of project management.

He has convinced us with an excellent presentation. We are sure that we will realize the ambitious goals of the GPM strategy 2020 successfully with him.” GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 6,400 members and 330 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and the public institutions the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote the application of project management in Germany, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute. Read more at contact GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e. V. Elisabeth Kraus Frankenstrasse 152 90461 Nurnberg Tel.: + 49 911 433369-0 fax: + 49 911 433369-99 E-Mail:

Exchange Links

Link exchange is a key point when it comes to consolidating our website and improve the posicionaiento search engine. It is essential to conduct exchanges of links with websites our themes pay gain more popularity on the internet. The goal is to get from quality links from websites with similar content as these are the most valued links. It is normally very difficult to exchange links with our sector pages because the advantages do not affect equally both involved webmasters. It is very important to find an equivalence in terms of the benefits that are obtained from the Exchange. The criteria that are taken into account when exchanging links are: the PageRank of the domain, number of visits and outgoing links on the page in question.

The best thing is contact with webmasters whose domains have the same pagerank than yours because the probability of making a successful exchange increase. Keep in mind that any webmaster you’ll want to benefit you with your visits get nothing in return, unless their website is already consolidated and have a presence prominent on the internet. The best way to proceed and increase the popularity of your website, is to register it first in the directories. Unimportant directories with PageRank 0-2 are a very good option to start. These directories, to be less visited approved links quickly and not accustomed to ask for reciprocal links. This way your website will be quickly indexed in search engines and will soon have the competitiveness necessary to start exchanging links and contact the webmasters of the sector. Exchanges links you will find websites of all the themes to exchange links and you can also add your website and advertise for free. Original author and source of the article

Jose Silva

Some of the Silva users have left some frankly amazing testimonials. As for me, when I started Silva life system, I didn’t have a particular problem that had to be resolved, but I wanted to increase my conscience and find a better way to relax myself. I knew that yoga was doing was beneficial, but not helped me in regards to the management of my mental talk. Course Silva has a free introductory course that allows you to download the exercise better known by Jose Silva and practice before the big leap to the main course. The introductory course has 8 lessons that you inserted the Silva methodology and allow you to start your practice. The modules contain objective lessons and meditation exercises that cover a variety of important topics: for example, healing, management of sleep, problem solving, learning speed, enhanced intuition, the demonstration successfully, and habit control. The person guiding you through the lessons and exercises of meditation is Laura Silva, the daughter of Jose Silva.Laura is the President of Silva international and has continued the investigation, that his father left.

She has brought together some of the experts with greater experience in the field of development of the mind and research has been continued by joining the best and most useful concepts behind the program’s original Silva with the latest findings of studies on the human mind, alternative medicine and spirituality. For more than 30 years, Laura has presented method Silva to thousands of people around the world. MY results in general, I have to say that I am very happy after passing by the Silva life system. There were some exercises that were not relevant to me. For example, the sections about pain and headaches was not necessary for me, because fortunately I don’t suffer them. But it is good to know that I can go to Silva if I need help in these areas.

For me, these are the biggest positive changes I got: sleep: I sometimes have difficulties to fall asleep, take the lessons and exercises of meditation at night, and I realized that I am able to stay asleep immediately. I slept very soundly these days, I am delighted. States of mind: I have discovered that my state of mind have been higher since I started with these meditations. I feel that I am more aware and in control of my internal state. Confidence: I feel more grounded and safe in the way that I speak, my way of looking at people in the eye, the way that I am. I think this comes from gain a sense of control over my own mind. I am able to quickly identify my negative internal dialogue and change it. I’m probably going to go through the entire course again in about six months more or less, but I will continue using all regularly guided meditation exercises. There is also another thing that I’ve been doing (in fact I wonder if someone else does it): all the lessons I have put in my iPod, and if I start to feel a little annoying, I begin with one of the meditations. No matter what. For me, listening to one lesson any lesson quickly change my state of mind. If you want to learn more about meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or that you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.


Super location, not to miss all the soirees that were celebrated until many of the night. Ideal if what you want is to live the hotel sauce, but I’ve born sosa by nature, and equal what I want is another type of revelry, what can I do. And in this deny we had wrong hotel, we decided to go for a drink at the pool bar chil out on the beach, where the background music entremezclaba pachanguera music from the pool. So I closed my eyes and I set out to swallow my pina colada to see if so the senses are clouded me a little and I forgot of the clumsy who had been choosing this hotel. As for the rooms they were well, clean, practical, with a 32 flat-screen tv? (that Yes), a nice terrace, regulin regulan beds is that they had tried very hard in soundproof rooms, you oias anything in the room of to the side, but he had forgotten them to do something with the entrance door.

It was so flimsy that I heard until a fly when it goes ahead. So if you want to sleep after the 7: 30 h in the morning you’re ready! cleaning carts conveyed is unbearable, and the constant paging nor story. Remember to take your plugs, and you will reach 9 h without waking you. No more, because you stay without breakfast, and there no way breakfast from 11 h. talk about the spa. Because I was not going to leave there without probrarlo, clear! The spa is a tiny pool, bath of steam, sauna, Scottish shower, etc. We enjoy it because we were alone, but I imagine that with 10 people more, things get complicated a bit too small the site. However, I took advantage of the moment to make me a chocolate therapy treatment (I always thinking the same thing, el yantar!) and tried me Mercedes, one of the masseurs of the hotel, in an excellent manner.

Victor Fernando Banuelos

The traditional dress of muay boran consisted in an Mongolian (sinta bleeding in the head), with prapajeat (bloody sinta in arms), and a Long Sleeve Tops called searkan I had the printed legend of Buddha, thus believed is that bringing putting these vestments would fortune and protection when it comes to combat. Also was the custom vendarses the hands and forearms taped horse for hand protection skin and cause greater damage to the enemy, later it was replaced by hemp ropes, the fighters had protectors in the genital region who were primarily sea shells or shells of coconut and in the abdominal region were protected with bark from trees tied with pieces of cloth. Before each meeting performs a ceremony called Wai-Kru, in which the fighter expresses his place of birth, to the training camp which belongs and its aja or master, and it consisted of placing your hands in the ring or combat area and its aim was the following: greet the King. Respect for the teacher. Know the terrain. The ritual dance of Rammuay, is the central part of the ritual of the Wai-Kru and can become very complex in its symbolism, which can llagar to represent their ancestors, elements of nature and wildlife and more issues typical Sisters of the region.

As in the other Eastern martial styles of muay thai techniques are inspired by nature and movements of animals, for example: Jarakefad hang: crocodile tail. Wanorrn Hak dan: Monkey breaks great wall. Gnoo Lai Tukkre: cobra runs after salamander. Approximately 100 years ago there was a change in the regulations which gave life to the current thai muay, made changes to the rules are provided for the use of gloves, the mongol withdrawal at the time of fighting, use of dental dams, the fight must be timed or music with a duration of 3 minutes by one of rest. As they were able to realize the muay thai is more than just a contact sport, is a very forceful art for combat melee and has after if a philosophy and very rich history of respect to their homeland, religion and the nature of Thailand.

African National Congress

The white descendants of British settlers and the boeres (who 105 years ago were cruelly crushed by British troops) are those who have been most celebrated the triumph. For them it is a vindication of their ethnicity and their role in South Africa. For the ruling African National Congress supporting Gazelles is a way to seek a reconciliation between races. When the white South African players released on shoulders President Mbeki who showed high retrieved trophy, this was understood by many as a recognition that makes the former dominant race the majority of color. However, for the great South African majority social conditions have little changed after the nominal end of apartheid and what has happened is not something that would attract them much. South African majorities tend to use football as a sport that expresses them and try to do world of football 2010 as a way to show his new pride. In three years the eyes of world sport will be placed in a Republic that will try to show his attempts to leave had been the most segregationist country in the world.

Rugby World Cup competition is played every four years and just on the odd year that average between which corresponds to the World Cup and the Olympics. Although these games do not they awaken the universal enthusiasm of football or the games of all disciplines, its influence has been growing. Just 20 years ago the first of five tournaments that had joined international rugby. If the Olympics and the World Cup have suffered from wars and political vetoes to certain Nations, the rugby world has escaped them and has appeared almost with the beginning of the end of the cold war. Rugby is a variant of football. Until the middle of the 19th century many teams used to play variants of football that only played with the feet and hands that wore.

Social Networks

Definitely should be on social networks the most common question that people around me do, is, once I sign in these sites to be?… and I tell them that definitely should be on social networks! That benefit can provide me a place where only he says, believes, are uploaded photos, videos, talk to people., rather than so that everybody can quietly snooping on your life. Seen this way, it has its point of reason, since most of the time thats what happens. We spent a lot of time in front of Twitter and Facebook and we learned everything that make our friends, even a number of people that we would have never imagined, because we have new friends with whom to share interests. That means being in social networks?, is changing the way we socialize?, reflections which encounter over and over again, with the same approach. This leads me to believe that the category of acquaintances, acquire social networking friends list colleagues or simply people who found us, since we have similar tastes.

In a lifestyle of hard work and lack of time, where some friends go far and co-workers do not have the same tastes, networks are an alternative to complement the link with those friends. Spend much time in them, would make us ask ourselves the question of whether they help socialize or us isolated, and again came to the conclusion that complement our way to link us, since we are still making links to face, moreover, who ultimately share with most networks, sooner or later seeks physical contact. Returning to the initial issue of the article and trying to respond to the purpose of our presence in social networks, it is clear that defined as a community, always have existed, and what you need to find out is the type of link established between the persons that form it. The main attraction for companies, and here is where we need to be alert, is the very definition of their existence: people who are together under a same tastes and interests, and will have to learn how to reach out to those communities. People is not on these sites to come loose advertising pamphlets that bored him and overdriving, but go to socialize, is therefore suitable to be very clear about this concept.

We must flee mass publication in your profiles in the style of classified ads and focus on talk, comment, contribute and share, because people already know what you do and if you relate you well, businesses will come in addition. Finally, why not more important, you can not forget us to empower our community on social networks, it will be crucial to position in the network website, blog or online business. And the secret to achieve this is not another that generate content of value to our community, and that this associate to your brand and reputation. Finally, be in social networks has to be a priority for our.

Best Activities

On November 7, 2010 the Catalan capital became Catholic Center when Pope Benedicto XVI became basilica Church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This ceremony has been of great importance, since now the temple can already accommodate masses. 21St century cathedral is the name given to the Sagrada Familia actualmenteporque, this century, will be the most important religious building finished. Learn more and find out about things like – it is estimated that it will not be completed until 2026? -The Sagrada Familia is the most visited attraction in Spain? -Over one century has passed since the beginning of its construction? With many cultural activities and events, and interesting places that offer Barcelona is considered the cultural heart of the Mediterranean. In this article you can get some ideas. The fantastic Zoo Zoo in the city of Barcelona this attraction is located inside the Parque de la Ciudadela. The space is one of the most important in Spain, and has about 400 inside species, with some 7,500 copies.

For decades, especially from 1966 until 2003 the most emblematic figure of the Zoo was the famous Copito de Nieve, single albino ape recognized until our days. This year the zoo wanted to incorporate into the zoo have come to the zoo of Barcelona Anteaters (that for years that they are not present), which is currently threatened species. Refer to the official website of the Zoo at for more information and news. The streets that give access to the zoo of Barcelona are the Picasso Street and Wellington Street. The Zoo is open 10 am in the morning at 17: 00 hours in winter and 19: 00 h in summer. The prices of tickets are 15.40 adults and 9.30 for children from 3 to 12 years.

Anita Party

A REAL DREAM ' ' Hard life is farm life. It is a constant routine. Of house for the work, of the work for house – the cows in the grass, the pigs in the chiqueiro, the hens in the place of fetichism and roa and the caieira and the firewood and will be to enumerate all the services would pass one day entire. In that night I arrived extremely in tired house. I took a good bath and I fell in the bed. I slept as a pig, by the way as a tired person. But that wonder! I woke up in a great party in a village. It was party of Are Sebastio.

Quanta beautiful thing had there! Barraquinhas of you eat and you drink, elegant post office, hall of dance and a general animation. Calmly I walk pra there and pra here without thinking about nothing. He was very elegant. Suddenly some strange thing happened: somebody covers the sight and asks who to me was there. I say some names, but I do not obtain to make right.

The young woman if capsizes and which was not the astonishment: nor I know the young woman, nor I know it me. He forgives – Me, young man. I deceived myself. I thought that he was a friend mine, but is not. It pardons me, young man! – It does not have of that, senhorita. This happens, was not nothing excessively. But it was a very good surprise for me. How it is its name? – I call Anita. I am living daqui of the village. Mr. also deferred payment here close? I explained it who liveed there close, but it was the first time that she went to that party and was liking very. I talked with it, I asked of the family, the job, boyfriend yes of boyfriend.

The Worker

Training and development This field has tried a strong growth due to the growth of the demand of continued education and for the conscience of that the knowledge and the permanent update are primordial factor which had the organizacional competitiveness. In such a way, if it has searched to train the worker to be an active agent of the processes of development of its professional and personal abilities. Evaluation of performance the transformations in the system of management of people has the led one to assume a role each more central time in this system, incorporating evaluations of diverse actors (not only of the supervisor or the head), if tying more narrowly with analyzes of performance of the proper teams and groups, thus incorporating a dimension that also considers the potential of each worker and not only its real performance. AS MOVEMENT as the movement are characterized for being a widening of the possibilities of insertion of the psychologist in the organizations, starting to assume activities until then played by other professionals. Being that the courses of mestrado specialization or in administration had been one of main the responsible ones for such changes, therefore it widened the abilities of these professionals considerably. These new activities are: administration of staff, qualification, conditions of work and hygiene, organizacionais relations of work and changes. Administration of staff This field is about the planning of positions, movement of staff, remuneration and benefits and, even though, global planning of necessities of human resources. Qualification appears the activities of development of careers, managemental development and development of teams Here that expand the concept of classic training. Conditions of work and hygiene This is a new field of work that if has consolidated in such a way that it has busy a significant parcel of the organizacionais psychologists and the work. Between the activities it is the analysis of the work conditions and its impacts in the health of the worker.

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