In fact from the study on the PageRank formula, we can consider that each page has a reserve of points (PageRank) that can do some type of benefit to other pages for transmission than a part of it. Let’s take the example of the main page that managed to have a good PageRank, thanks to exchanges of links with other sites. Your pages you put a link from the main page can benefit from other Yes. Attention, the same rules apply: If you do lots of links, the proportion of PageRank transmitted to each of your other pages will be weaker. If you try to optimize your own site, avoid putting exit (towards other sites) links in your pages that have good PageRank, since an important part of your good PageRank will be extended and will not be transmitted to your other pages. Therefore, get in place a link from your home page to a page of links that contain outbound links. Nintendo will not settle for partial explanations. Conversely, you can also create your site in order to improve the PageRank of some of your pages.

For example, it is common to try to have the best possible PageRank of homepage. Therefore get a link to this, one on each page of your site, for example, putting your logo in the upper left corner. 7 Links from related web sites. Get links from related web sites can be a task more frustrating that you can try. They are very easy to find, but difficult to get links from them. To find related web sites, all you have to do is go to your search engine and type a word or phrase related to your site maybe your website is motorcycle Harley Davison. You go to Google and write Harley Davison bikes, and find pages related to your web site. After having done this, you have to contact owners of pages and somehow get post your link on your web page.

This can be a difficult task now that many webmasters ignore e-mail messages from people requesting links because they do not see it important at that time. Some other reasons could be that rarely they are online, or eliminate spam email, and sometimes erased your important emails in the process. Important note: in the search for link partners don’t put your link in websites that have a PageRank of 4 or higher. If you connect with someone who has a row of page zero, this will not do harm to your page row. Only going to increase because you will find a link to your web site. Google does not take into account your links in turn to determine the rows in the page. Just look at how many new links you have. So if one day Google has decided to link to a web site that you just created and this web site has a PageRank of 0 and you have a domain that goes something like this: is Page Rank queno will increase to the range of the Google page is 10, it is still put would be zero, because that would only have a back link. By an effective entrepreneurship Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article