Platja Projects

Some remembered that during the rest of the year there are many empty moorings and pointed the possibility that precise extensions for the summer are only made. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tim Raines. Also they asked that before authorizing a port one analyzes his location and impact. In spite of the opposition of the sector nautical, the Consell it maintains that the majority of the assistants was pronounced in favor of new ports. Other consulted sources differ of this conclusion. Vicent Serra offered the possibility of speaking on the projects that have been known through mass media, as the sport ports of Xinx End and are Viver. Nevertheless, the assistants chose not to pronounce themselves on no of the proposals in the hope of knowing the projects. Xinx end and is Viver On the interest of the promoter of the port of Xinx End, in Sant Josep, to ahead take this project in spite of the iron opposition of the City council of Sant Antoni, Vicent Serra emphasized that the Consell must obey the law and, therefore, cannot introduce prejudices against the procedure of certain projects.

That yes, the president said that at the time of solving the request of authorization of the project it will consider the position of the City council of Sant Josep and the repercussion on Sant Antoni, as well as the opinion of the neighbors. Three quarters of the same one will take control of the case of the project of is Viver, noticed Serra, that stressed that to day of today the procedure of any port has not begun before the Consell. In the case of the golf courses, except for ecologists and CC.OO., the assistants, including union the UGT, they supported the construction of new facilities of this type. As they have already showed the employer’s associations, the majority considers suitable to construct at least two equipment more. An assistant defended that the golf players demand that at least there are three fields in the tourist destiny. Nobody wanted to speak on the project of the Group of Companies Smugglings in Platja den Bossa. The president emphasized that the debate is consultative and that does not suppose any fastening for the decision making. However, Serra emphasized that the general impression of the meeting of is yesterday that it takes to force the idea that two new golf courses are permissible. Serra insisted on which before making a decision it will be necessary to evaluate the projects that appear.