Public College

The majority of the young that studies today in public college does not have a learning easiness as it has the pupils most fortunate or the ones that they study in particular college, then 90% of the times a better learning, for having a better dynamics. Computer science in these schools can even stimulate and better much more it learning for being a methodology dynamic and amused, where the pupils can interact with the others, thus facilitating to the understanding and the learning. Beyond giving lessons with and without the resources multimedia and applying tests for attainment of results the article stimulated the individual school to create project for one better teach-learning for the pupils and the professors to use more the durantes multimedia resources its lessons and in its seminaries thus increasing the level of perception of the pupils. The research was of bibliographical character where the used methodology was through comments and comparisons, involving 20 pupils of different rooms of the State School Dom Joo of Souza Rasp in 3 year of average education. A lesson for a group with the aid of resources multimedia on the subject was given Genetic, in one another group, was given to a lesson the aid of resources multimedia (as computers, it dates show, slides, etc). After the tests of the determined subjects one was made comparison of the evaluations with the purpose to observe or to notice if has some evolutions in the learning of the pupils of the different groups, to diagnosis in fact a better learning in the group who had lesson with the resources multimedia.

THEORETICAL REFERNCIAL Interaction man x machine the multimedia is today one of the most powerful and efficient resources to guarantee the perception and the learning. This because the resources multimedia stimulate sensible more than the simple medias. From the moment where the user is stimulated in more than a direction, the capacity of processing and storage of the information, that is, the learning qualification increases considerably.