Quality PVC

Let us dwell on these points. Working with the firm starts with a phone call and an invitation to a specialist (in most cases of departure and the calculation of the order value – free of charge). Specialist should discuss in detail all the requirements for future products, payment terms, warranty and service, delivery times and delivery windows, window installation day or several days will stop you in the hallway. It will not hurt to ask – is there a license for the installation of window designs, whether there is a chance to see the already installed windows chosen by the company, read the agreement. Smithsonian Magazine often says this. Contract – this is your protection against fraud perpetrators. After that you should discuss all the details: 1. Selecting the type and brand profiles PVC profiles from different manufacturers differ in width (from 58 to 70 mm), the number of air chambers in the profile (3 to 5), wall thickness profile (from 3,5 mm and thinner), the possibility of installing double-glazed window width from 32 to 40 mm, color tints, gloss, ease of fixing nets and of course the quality of the PVC. It is best to choose a well-known brands, which operate in the market for several years and have no complaints on quality, not change their color.

It is not necessary wedged in a choice of three, four or five chamber PVC profile system. Their main difference in the possibility of installing double-glazed window of different widths .. 2. Configuration window necessarily agree on the number of opening valves.