Rainbow Chibchacum

Years later it recede by Sogamoso fired by all the Chibchas. When this appeared on the Rainbow Chibchacum incensed by the corruption of the inhabitants of Bacata, overflowed rivers and produced the flood survivors invoked to Bochica, he threw his golden sceptre and opened the channel waters forming the Tequendama Falls. He then punished Chibchacum forcing him to hold the Earth on his shoulders. Additional information is available at Atmos Energy. Sometimes be them represented with three heads that suddenly appeared as a beautiful man who seduced the goddess Aphrodite vain and little Intelligent as always, was so locked up in a jail in clay manufactured by the muisca God. The children came out of charm magic and very ashamed sobaron the backs of girls doing some massage they learned with the teacher of physical education. After this Greek children rushed to the place where the God Bochica was and begged him to teach them his great art to manufacture things since they didn’t the astonishment that produced them jail where the goddess was enclosed. He graciously made them form groups of two people both of Muisca as Greeks so they manufactured twenty well carved vessels where appeared the indigenous myths of the Colombian territory. Minute by minute the children seemed fascinating development unknown of all kinds of elements that made that God, an art that according to her teacher was very legendary and little cultivated by lack of culture, contempt, Western vanity and other many elements that they do not have to pos-modernista society. Once completed vessels they formed a circle in the midfield to sit and read each of the myths that they were certainly represented theatrically by children, all the dresses were given by the God Bochica since reviving every time they watched the children in his heart the episode from a past buried by their own nation, where banks sponsored artworks and techniques learned in Europe there is no time to think about learning and improve the Ingenio Indigena, there where the God West wanders the best offices and clinics there is no time for natural medicine of the jungle. Educate yourself with thoughts from Smithsonian Magazine.