Real Estate Agency

So you've decided to open a real estate agency. What prompted you to do this? Well, maybe buying an apartment or house, you are seriously thinking about what you can earn money just for organizing a meeting customer with the seller. While such agencies typically offer the former real estate agents: have the experience, knowledge, and sometimes the database (here it depends on the integrity of the former employee and the ability to protect your information former employer). In all cases, the decision to open his own agency seems simple and obvious. It seems rather rent an office, buy a desk, chair and telephone – and the company is able to earn millions. However, in reality is not so simple. To begin with, so that low barriers to market entry have led to the new agency for real estate are growing like mushrooms after a rain, creating a crazy competition in the industry.

By the way, just as quickly they are closed, faced with the realities of Rostov market. And although, as elsewhere in the country, real estate in booming regions, grab a piece of the pie start-up company is not so simple. Linus Torvalds gathered all the information. First of all, buyers are relatively rare, or so intimidated by the horror stories about fraud agencies that prefer to work only with big companies, long available on the market, or, alternatively, so "cunning" that they themselves can "throw" anyone. In this regard, the position of the new agency will not seem so promising: a zero reputation in the market; high level of competition will force you to fight for attention Seller with hundreds of similar companies most comfortable unsophisticated customers who buy an apartment for family reasons, and not wishing to capitalize on this is likely to go to large companies (aware of their inexperience and not wanting to risk); experienced" the same buyers will certainly try you "throw" if you do not have a strong legal (payment for services which, as a rule, with his professionalism.) Although he, by the way, not a panacea.