Right Communication

One is about a survey research of the descriptive type, whose objective is to identify if it has necessity, or not, of implantation of the service of psychological planto, come back toward brief and emergencial attendance of people in crisis, the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines, campus of Arcs. The importance of this research must it the contributions that it will be able to offer for one future implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines in Arcs. As instrument of collection of data, a questionnaire was applied the 195 pupils of the courses of Administration, Social, Right Communication, Nursing, Psychology and Systems of Information, in which the vision of the academic on the following topics was investigated: the importance of the implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school; the search of the academic for this modality of attendance and in which situations; the indication of the service to some known or familiar e, finally, the learning indication of some benefit happened from the psychological planto. For the boarding of thematic the proposal, this study it was divided in two chapters. In the first chapter, it was looked to describe the organizacional structure of the clinic-school, its purpose and its functioning. In as, it was treated to define the psychological planto and its function. Finally, some consideraes on the relation between psychological planto and clinic-school had been weaveeed. In accordance with Lhr and Silvares (2006), the clinic-school was created so that the pupils could serve as apprentice in the atendimentos and the clinical demands. These atendimentos were come back toward the improvement of the trainees in the practical clinic and were destined, preferential, to the people who did not have financial conditions to defray a particular attendance. Therefore, it is understood that the clinic-school is a space bred so that the pupil develops its necessary practical abilities for the posterior professional exercise, taking care of in the diverse periods of training considered for the course of Psychology.