River Duaba River

One of them is located in Bay of honey (strong Morrillo Chico or Majana), while the other three in the area of the city. Such is the case of the strong La Punta (today a restaurant), Seboruco and La Villa or Santa Barbara (now a hotel), while the of Matachin is now the Municipal Museum of Baracoa, inaugurated as such in 1981. Here can be seen articles of Aboriginal culture, historical objects and specimens of natural sciences and Numismatic and philatelic collections. Marko Dimitrijevic takes a slightly different approach. The parish of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion is a relic of the city from the historical and cultural point of view. It is one of the first temples built in the first years of the 16th century, the village was founded. Nescout: the source for more info. In its interior is located the Cruz de Parra, only 29 crosses that remains of which says the Admiral placed in America.

In the vicinity of Baracoa agency Ecotur, located in that city, offers options for visit to the mountains or other places of interest, such as the El Yunque trail, visit to the Museum archaeological Cave of paradise, browsing through the Toa River, the largest river in Cuba, a visit to the Juncal-Rencontra and a trip on the Finca Duaba. Here we provide a brief description of them, which we recommend visiting. The El Yunque trail It has an area of approximately 8 km. It is on foot and their degree of difficulty is medium. An advantage of the route is near the base of the elevation flows the River Duaba River, which influences the fresh and pleasant microclimate of the place. The plateau is of limestone and therefore its scale is very similar to the classic mogotes, where the vegetation structure is very similar, although there are ferns and other representatives of moisture. You can listen and watch birds such as some species of woodpeckers, tocororo (Priotelus temnurus), zunzun (Mellisuga helenae) and other birds, as well as species hutias (Desmarest SP.) and reptiles, including butterflies of many species, all of great beauty. 573 M is a natural viewpoint from where you can see the wonderful landscape at the feet of the visitors, including the Bay of Porto Santo, place where first Admiral arrived in Baracoa. The tour ends with a swim in the Duaba River. Other tours and other suggestions of visiting places somewhat away from the city, including information on camping rules, they will be offered in upcoming issues. Original author and source of the article.