Sausage Filler With A Meat Grinder To The Own Meat Sausage

Recipe for a tasty meat sausage who by Rhineland-Palatinate E.g. after Mecklenburg Muehlenhagen draws will miss a delicacy painful – the pork sausage. For some reason this is not stocky forward or available only in pre-packaged form still up in the Northeast. Anyone who has once compared this pre-packaged form with a fresh meat sausages from the butcher, will agree that both are not even nearly comparable. A way which is so often the do-it-yourself abstinence to escape.

So what comes in the sausage filler even remotely equivalent to a pork sausage, there of course a proper prescription. I stole the following promising recipe from the Internet: first of all the devices that are required during cooking. A sausage fillers are a meat grinder and optionally a smoker. You can buy cheap the sausage filler such as at Now the most important thing, the meat. One kilogram of meat should consist of 60% pork belly without bone and rind, 30% Ham with 1 1.5 cm layer of fat also without rind and 10% of the high rib boneless beef.

This meat must be cut in pieces of used meat grinder can handle. These pieces to freeze to now, have up to a slightly firmer consistency. Next, we need ice water. For this it is enough to put a plastic bottle full of water until small ice crystals have formed in the freezer. No glass or ceramic container is important because water has a stupid habit, to extend between + 4 C and -4 C and to blow up the vessel. 150 ml ice water are needed per kilogram meat later. Next, you should make the Spice mixture. Are needed for one kilogram of meat (without ice water): 20 g pickling salt 2, 0 g rose paprika 2, 0 g of colorful pepper (very finely ground) 3, 0 g garlic powder (optional) 1, 0 g sugar 0, 5 g Mazis 0, 5 g coriander 0, 5 g ginger 0, 3 g cardamom from the meat grinder to sausage filler now can the meat along with the Gewurzmische through the meat grinder be rotated. A 2 should be use 3 mm disc. Then you need per kilo without ice water approximately 3, 0 g 5, 0 g cutter tool with reddening (observe the manufacturer’s instructions). The mixture is now adding the ice water and the Kuttermittel as long as gekuttert, until a smooth mixture is obtained. This mass may be warmer than 12 C under no circumstances. Then, giving the whole thing in the sausage filler to fill it in the intestines. Raucherbare fibre casings or casings wreath 43/46 is suitable as sausage casings. The sausages should be dried off then thoroughly with kitchen paper and then, if available in the smoking oven 45 minutes at approx. 70 C. The sausage taste but also ungerauchert. Finally, the sausage approximately 45 minutes at 70 C must be scalded. Let’s enjoy!