Sbiten Fir

Recently, more and more popular are the traditional means to maintain health, the healing power has been tested by generations of ancestors. One such means is sbiten – an ancient Russian drink which is brewed with honey, spices overseas, aromatic and medicinal herbs. They drank it hot in bad weather, when there is a cold zaneduzhit or any other infirmity. In particular, he was fit in melancholia (modern psychogenic stress). Acute tropical spice and sweetness of hot sbiten infused spirits and festive joy. Basically it is a soft drink. Wine was brought down or leaven is permitted only in restaurants, whereas conventional sbitenschiki peddling through the streets of cities, fairs and bazaars spilling hot from sbitennikov – a prototype of a samovar. There was no single recipe for cooking was brought down, each had sbitenschika their recipes and secrets.

Overall – it goryachest, burning spice, honeyed sweetness and absolute healthfulness. It is tempting to strengthen and heal a delicious drink. However, to prepare it at home is difficult. We have that offer. This is a honey syrup, which has added spices, herbs and, most importantly in optimal quantities. It is only necessary to dissolve it in a small amount of boiling water and sbiten ready. Our product is called sbiten Fir, because his 'twist' is an extract from pine legs (young sprigs of spring) – a universal remedy for health promotion and regeneration in diseases, used by a man with deep antiquity. Conifers are among the most ancient and mysterious plants on the planet.