Search Ads

For all its obvious advantages, such boards are not too popular in the vast World Wide Web: lack of control leads to a rapid cluttering the boards ads in the same sentences, 'jokes' individual, not too intellectually encumbered users, spam, unwanted advertisements, placed in spite of netematichnost, in all the sections in a row. This lack deprived moderated board. Specially trained person (moderator board) reviews all ads before they appear on the site. As a result, the contents of the board meets content and tematichnosti. The owners of some boards choose an intermediate option, where messages are posted immediately and only later, in consequence, are reviewed by a moderator, receiving the decision whether to remove it or other message or leave it.

Judging by the fact that these schemes 'post-moderation' is not only not disappear, but also are popular along with moderated, should be recognized and their right to life and prosperity. Himself the process of placing ads on Internet message boards to indecency is simple and usually reduces filling multiple templates background points: theme announcement, the text, the person's name, place it, contact data. However, on some boards before your messages will have to register, get a username and password. Naturally, each paid or free bulletin board has its own set of rules in which may contain recommendations for the compilation of ads, the frequency of their placement, etc. Failure to comply with them in a moderated directories can lead to what is a normal ad and not see the light or will be removed afterwards.

It has become a standard that they themselves and the ads are sorted by the date of placement: the first are the freshest, aging – are deposited on the last page. Not one decent message board is not without Search ads by keywords, which in part makes them all 'ageless'. Message boards – a powerful tool not only offers goods or services, but also promote your site. From this perspective, no board worse directory of links, so popular among owners of resources. A simple ad and a commercial orientation in the matter – a definite plus!