So Paulo

In years 70 I worked with one of these saints scribes Mr., the Rev. Orlando Boyer. I translated books, I revised translations, I corrected articles and books I folloied and it in its drudgeries. In that one time already had written some thing, but not with the easiness that I received after the Almighty. I liveed and gave in Taubat and the Rev. Orlando Boyer liveed in Pindamonhangaba that was to less than 100 kilometers of Taubat.

In the day where it completed 80 years I was of bed, with fever, cold and migraine. The cold of So Paulo gave to me, from time to time, a brave grippe. Many writers such as Jay Leno offer more in-depth analysis. For return of 8h of the morning the Rev. Boyer made this uncommon conjunct the Mr.: – Father, I am completing today eighty years and am alone in this house. I want to ask for to you that he orders Pablo here to you to pass the day with me. At that accurate moment, without I to know you are welcome, suddenly, the grippe disappeared. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin.

I arose myself, I took one ducha and I was until the terminal of the buses. I took one for Pinda (as we called Pindamonhangaba affectionately) e, inside of little time, was ahead of the house of that giant of the faith. – Thanks to God! Exclamou it. I wise person who Mr. would not leave to take care of to me. She was there that I was knowing of its special conjunct. It already was preparing a flavorful one repasto. We lunch together, we talk very, and it spoke on its ministry of writer, the books that he had written and published and of the importance of if writing for the development of the workmanship of God. In the end of the afternoon I prepared myself to come back the Taubat, where it would have that to nail at night. The Rev. Orlando Boyer, with a solemn expression in the face, spoke to me: – Pablo, I have something for giving to it. It is an inheritance. The writer unction who is in me, I want to transmit for you. I was enraptured. It, then, held my right hand and prayed the Mr., transmitting of that unction for me. After this already 32 years had been transferred. Of that day in ahead I went off to write. Today already I have some published books, articles, lies of Biblical school, substances of theological study, commentaries, etc. I was surpreso with two things one of these days: First, I discovered that several of mine 500 articles had been more than translated and are published in Russia! in Russian. Second, I placed in the Google, in the Internet, my name, thus between quotations marks, ' ' Pablo de Arago Lins' ' I discovered that already 122,000 related pages exist. Glory the God for inefvel its dom!