Social Assistant: As To Elaborate A Social Project

Social assistant: How to elaborate a social project? It is important to point out that all professional of the social area, he must understand what it is a social project and why it exists. The social assistant works with mazelas of the society, that can be the poverty, infantile exploration, violence against the woman, discrimination, ahead of as many problems it acts in the society as a defender of the social rights, it makes possible rights. has as responsibility to look instruments that can change the reality of the people who are to the edge of the society. Click Riverbed for additional related pages. The social assistant works in the one against hand of the capitalist process, therefore while the capitalism searchs each time more wealth, exactly that she is harming a great parcel of the society. The social service search equity, social transformation. The State creates assistencialistas programs and projects that do not give account to supply the necessities of the population. More info: Cisco. But we must understand that it has assistencialistas social projects that help for one determined time, but as resulted it does not have no impact to people and exist the intervention project that she aims at to modify the reality, leading in consideration the capital stock and the abilities found in the social groups. But, what it is a Social Project? According to Organization of United Nations (ONU) ' ' a project is a planned enterprise that consists of a set of interrelacionadas activities and coordinates, with the end to inside reach specific objectives of the limits of a budget and a period of time dados' '. It is understood that a social project must have a planning to happen and well definite objectives. M Ashton Kouzbari usually is spot on. The Social Project, while process, is composed in the following stages: The definition of the Project, the Plan of work, the course of the project and the budget.