South American

A Patriot always called gabacho the French invader. We also call them frenchies. In the North of Africa we call them Moros, name that comes from very ancient times, since the Romans established two provinces in North Africa: Mauretania Caesariensis and Mauretania Tingitana. Mauritania derives the demonym moro, Latin maurus. In the middle ages, period in which lived three religions – Christians, moors and Jews and the term moro was not derogatory and was used in classical literature. If in Spain the term moro today has a pejorative sense, is for historical reasons. Here we were 8 centuries fighting with them, and in the modern age, fighting against the Moro and Turkish in the Mediterranean. In the contemporary era, Spain had several wars with Morocco, from 1859 until it was defeated the independentist Abd-el-Krim.

In these wars throughout Spain was appalled with the cruelty of the Moors, in particular, with the disaster of Annual 22 July 1921, which massacred 20,000 Spaniards leaving their bodies mutilated and unburied grass of the vultures. But more recently, Moorish troops brought Franco of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco at the beginning of Spanish Civil war in 1936, when they were advancing towards the North, were always situated in the front row of the army of Franco. They were the first entering the peoples that took, where committed all sorts of looting and rape. People fled those villages as the Moorish troops approached because they fear more excesses of the Moors than to the executions of Franco. Hence the derogatory sense of the word moro has been in our collective subconscious. Today we call them to all of the North African Moors, who are the largest community of immigrants in our country. However, to a rich Arab we don’t call moro, we call him Sheik.

To Americans we call them Sudacas, term that began to be used in the movida Madrilena (since the death of Franco until the end of the 1980s) by contraction of the South American word. In those years also appeared other colloquial words with suffixes ACA and ata, as masoca, bocata, Toccata the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua defines sudaca as slang to refer to a South American but rather derogatory adjective should say to a Hispanic-American, that here also we call South American those of Central America and Mexico. The Germans call heads square for its methodical and orderly. (They are the 12 o’clock, there come to eat the heads always square) The Americans, Yankys, name that you began to use during the Civil war in that country in the year 1861. The North was called Yankys and the South southerners. Eventually, foreign countries began to call the Americans Yankys soldiers and slowly knock so all Americans. This name can be offensive, especially when Yankys they are told go home! (Yankys, go to their houses) The Argentines, Gauchos, and also che, pive and idiot. To Mexicans, Panchitos, Perhaps because of its best-known Pancho: Pancho Villa. Peruvians, Machu-pichus. The Italians, spaghetti. The Dutch, tulips. And the Spaniards also call us with some derogatory adjective. In South America, especially Cuba and Argentina, they call us gallegos. But what I have called more times outside Spain is bullfighter, not be if with a derogatory intention, but I loose a laugh everytime they call me Bullfighter.