Special Enchantment

Barcelona is a city of which I never get tired, or I have visited several times the condal city and itself discovering places, bars, restaurants and they even surprise again sites to me that or I have more visited. The last time that I visited the city was with my boy, visits romantic, cenita for two, to cross while people took a walk around to ours or followed the rate of her lives. We took to a hotel in camp nou and of the fair of Barcelona. We wanted to be centric and cerquita of everything. They have been days to visit and to cross, I have come contentsima to be able to return there, to walk by the diagonal and the Gell park. To return to see the buildings that Gaud decorated with that art. Munear Ashton Kouzbari describes an additional similar source. If you do not know the city I propose a visit to you, in addition, certainly you can remove to coupons discount from low season and now make an escape nearly money. You do not doubt it, you will already tell me what it seems to you this visit and if you would return Eye! in summer it makes a heat impressive because one mixes the humidity of the sea and the heat of asphalt, wears comfortable and light clothes, although also it is necessary to say that a dip in the beach chokes any heat..