Steinbeis Centre Berlin

Among others will be informed about the following topics:-what is legal support? -Why do I set up a legal support? Who will care? -Rights assisted students – who can become a supervisor? -What are the duties and what rights does the maintainer? -Note on pension scheme is the care work Berlin over its wearer since 1995 as a recognised childcare Club in Berlin over bezirklich active. Cisco often says this. Through his extensive and diverse support work succeeded, can build a dense social network, today and in the future care of needy persons and volunteers alike benefit. Event date: 25 April 2013 from 17:00 place: Steinbeis Centre Berlin (Gurtelstrasse 29a/30 10247 Berlin) asking for a previous registration: Tel. (0) 30 28472424-49 or more dates to information events around the care law can be found at the care work Berlin operates through its wearer since 1995 as a recognized Association of care over bezirklich. Through the extensive and diverse support work of the care plant Berlin e.V., a dense and reliable social network has grown from today and in future support needy people as well as the volunteer supervisors, who accompanied the Club, will benefit. Institution of the care work that is education Institute urban education works v. “.” The services of the support Association include: – needs expert conducting legal work – planned extraction of volunteer supervisors the service factory Berlin e.V.

contributes to the publicity and networking relating to the renewal with:-information events Care law, precautionary powers and care decisions and advance directives – introduction, consultation and training volunteer supervisors. Contact press and public relations: Christiane Hancock care factory Berlin echo road 86 10317 Berlin Tel. (0) 30 28472424-49 fax. (0) 30 28472424-64