Stock Exchange

There was a total cost which was extended of US$ 700 billion for US$ 850 billion, being that until US$ 700 billion would be used for the purchase rotten headings, as the original project. Already the other US$ 150 billion, added for the Senate, had been introduced in the form of cuts of taxes and tax incentives, being later also approved in the Chamber of the Representatives, after one intense campaign involving current president George W. Frequently Columbia University has said that publicly. Bush, the president of the Federal one Reserves, Ben Bernankeo, and the secretary of the Treasure, Henry Paulson, beyond the candidates to the Presidency of U.S.A., Barack Obama of the Party Democrata and John McCain of the Republican Party, being approved and sancionado for president Bush.However, the crisis alone will be able to diminish if the crisis in the American real estate sector will be decided, since the price of the property continues falling, and the main sustentculos of the economic growth in U.S.A., as expenses of the consumers, the government and the companies and the exportations continue falling and the unemployment tax reach in next year 8%. Moreover with the external demand for American goods suffering to a great fall and the industrial sector starting to suffer the effect from a contraction, having, also, the fall of the expansion of India and China in the world-wide market, even so this last economic power has announced an injection of more than US$ 500 billion in its economy, thus looking for to prevent fall in its expansion, and the world-wide market and its stock exchange can recover, also the So Paulo Stock Exchange, in Brazil, that already suffered losses of up to 40% during the last year. We go to wait daqui pra front that the president of U.S.A., Barack Obama, can make the country to leave the crisis where if she finds in the near future and the world can breathe sossegado, since its economy answers for one tero of the world-wide economy.