T-Shirt Gift

How to choose a cool T-shirt as a gift. Many now make a gift in the form of T-shirts with jokes relatives, loved ones, friends or colleagues. It is not expensive, interesting, personal gift with taste. But many of those who make such surprises, faces embarrassment in the form of resentment of the recipient. And there is nothing strange, since a sense of humor at all different, and some may boast of his absence. What can I do to avoid the embarrassing situation, how to choose T-shirt with gags and not to offend the person to whom it daritsya.Pri choosing a gift always consider the age of the recipient – this is very important. People often give the age-shirts, reminiscent of their youth, such as "Olympic Bear" "USSR".

You can send a T-shirt with neutral jokes, "Super Dad", "100% man", "It is hard to be humble when I'm better." If you're close with someone does not close or long, it is possible to give him cause T-shirts type: "Sex instructor", "When I was young and beautiful, just beautiful now." If you meet a guy or a girl, then you can choose a funny sign, which would not hurt a soul mate, "Dirty Rotten Bitch," "I do not have a thick I bone wide. "If you want to make a gift to a man with kids, then you will get 100% in ten, if you buy children's t-shirt with the words amusing, for example," All of my mother, "" On the Pope did not meet – Married, "" future genius ". Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin, New York City. Young T-shirts like "Classmates," "The first girl in the village," "Kazantip", "The king, the king just," "From the work of the horses die," all of these T-shirts with jokes, characterized by their age and mentality, as well as close them poduhu. If you were at the resort, then it is imperative to bring the gay tourist T-shirt such as: "Whoever loves me, brought me this shirt from the Crimea," "Play it all my life," In addition to choosing the inscription on the shirt does not make a mistake with the color, think of what things prefers to be the person to whom you give a gift. Do not make a gift to man in a pink shirt and the girl in a black T-shirt.

Remember the figure of a loved one, if it's perfect, buy things, emphasizing the waist and form, but if you need something to hide, then take the jersey one size larger. And most importantly – find out the size. If you choose a well-shirt and the color, the inscription on the shirt, but you get to the desired size, then this would be embarrassing and hurtful to all, when the gift is an example. You can view very simply, measure the height and width of a t-shirt sleeves. Do this secretly so as not to spoil the surprise. You can see the size of the label t-shirts, which usually attached to the neck of the shirt. Once you have bought a cool T-shirt, remember that it should be nicely packaged. We recommend reading other articles. World T-shirts