The Futures Exchange

It was hard to be on time on the right side. Follow others, such as John Blondel, and add to your knowledge base. Only when the euro crisis began in July, the market was again ideal: strong trends mean massive capital restructuring, and on this, the AlphAlgo system is calibrated. What is the purpose to meet AlphAlgo for investors? Consider basic investment to the strategy? Martin Rothe: The AlphAlgo strategy can be used as basic investment, when in fact a minimum investment horizon of 5 to 10 years is acceptable. However, we generally discourage because always the principle of risk diversification should be pursued in the estates. Under this aspect AlphAlgo is regardless an excellent building block in the overall portfolio of assets of each investor, which asset classes it else has. Because no investment permanently positively correlated with our strategy, and it is also scientifically repeatedly been demonstrated that managed futures purely statistically represent the best Diversifikator in a portfolio. In this respect the primary purpose of which is to see a total assets in its return on development to stabilize.

Should be exclusively to institutional investors? What is the minimum investment sum for a managed account, which minimum investment is needed for the Fund? Martin Rothe: We have aligned our business model to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. A managed account is the most exclusive Service product for a customer in terms of transparency and legal certainty. The risk mitigation and-streuung our strategy enforces a minimum investment volume of 300,000 for this form of accounting. It looks different, if either directly in our funds (minimum euro 100,000) or through a bank or asset managers, who are already a customer of funds (minimum Euro 10,000), is invested. Processing, broker, custodian bank and amount of deposit insurance in the managed account area: you can say finally something our readers do this? Martin Rothe: The Futures Exchange is under the CFTC’s authority in the United States has long been, and accordingly is investor protection law.

Sohn Arun Josiah Found

NachhaltigeAufforstung Brach – and pasture land as an investment offer Europe’s largest provider of direct forest investments, the Bonn ForestFinance group, currently lists the ten thousandth investor. What started 15 years ago with WoodStockInvest in Panama, is now a special success story of ecological afforestation grew, which is second to none: the ForestFinance group now sustainably farmed over 16,000 hectares of forests in five countries on three continents. The Bonn-based enterprise forstete to more than 3 million trees again today on Brach – and pastureland. Transparency and certainty to convince investors: important characteristics of the group in the market of forestry investments have always been the deep-seated balance between economy and ecology, as well as an extraordinary transparency of the use of funds. In contrast to many competitors, manages ForestFinance all surfaces sustainably and again converts existing monocultures to bio-diverse mixed forests. This factor is the large part of the Forest investors as important as safety and transparency in the use of funds, which can be found at ForestFinance in form of regular business, forestry and sustainability reports.

“To the birth of our two children we have invested the money offered by the grandparents and great-grandmother in a WaldSparBuch. We found wonderful the idea, also including life in the forest, something to do good and at the same time to generate that get the two then later paid a profitable return. “Everyone, we a – if small – managed assets, should this for the benefit of future generations and the Earth create (or well) – but it have found a credible provider in ForestFinance”, as Mira Fels, whose four-month-old Sohn Arun Josiah officially is the ten thousandth customer of ForestFinance with his WaldSparBuch. Forest pure by the BaumSparVertrag, CacaoInvest and the forest fund: to satisfy investor demand for products with a short maturity and early recoveries, the ForestFinance has constantly developed their forestry investment products further and designed innovations: so a short term and a Forstagroprodukt exist with GreenAcacia and CacaoInvest since 2008, to offer investors a few years later first payouts and decrease as the Forstinvest typical long total running times.