I, actually, what I want? This is the big issue that is to preside over the design process, and who, with its purity, and its attribution has to give the go-ahead to projects and ideas that arise. Beware: do not confuse the real goal with the false goal. False goals provide a misleading pleasurable sensation, but do not provide lasting happiness. Watch TV you distracted, but it gives you a full happiness? Drugs give a euphoric feeling ephemeral or a full happiness? Wealth does produce temporary pleasures or the fullness of joy? Even the spirituality, understood as an entertainment with aspirations of transcendence, as an act of to the Gallery, or to try to deceive the true goal, it is a false goal. If does not produce you a happiness that you feel it in the most pure and deep thee, or a satisfaction that carries implied a smile of your soul, or you encourage a State of peace and harmony in your heart, is a false goal. It is a lie, an attempt of self-delusion, a vacuum in disguise. Obstacles: To be present and are part of the road that leads to the goal. That this does not inconvenience believe you: just acknowledge them and resolve them to measure is it introduced.

Not wanting to recognize them does not prevent its reality. If you can foresee and already have a remedy at hand, better; but it will be difficult to have all of them predicted. Calm, patience, and to solve them.Never ignore them. From a more spiritual point of view: we have more or less clear goals in the short or medium term, accessible and everyday goals, goals unknown, impossible or utopian goals, but we have far-reaching goals?, we have spiritual goals?, do they concern us, or we are dealing with, God, heaven, beyond, the Religion, the soul, or our inner being? A life can be understood as very empty if the unique goals that we intend to, or that interest us, are exclusively economic or material well-being.