Gadafi And Bin Laden

When Bush father was in the White House (1981-93) Obama Bin Laden was its ally in the Afghan war and Muammar Gadafi (Libyan dictator from 1967 to today) was considered the greater terrorist devil of the world. Nevertheless, with Bush son those rolls have been reversed. With his recent visit to Libya It curls wants to present/display to Gadafi like the example that chavistas and islamists had to follow to end up ingratiating itself with the USA. Gadafi created Been of masses , Islamic and socialist that prohibited to other parties, expelled foreign bases, it nationalized oil and it postulated the bread-arabicism or bread-africanismo. When in the 1980-88 West it encouraged to Hussein to fight against Iran, to Gadafi was bombed to him twice (in one of them her Hanna daughter died).

It was accused to encourage terrorists to him (from the WRATH to Palestinian radicals), and to the slaughters of the Olympic Games of Munich 1972, of Vienna and Rome in 1985, of Berlin in 1986 and two civil flights that exploded in 1989. Gadafi armed to several insurgencies in Liberia, Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa, Asia and Europe and invaded Chad facing France. Paradoxicalally the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan obtained that Gadafi and the movements that influenced (WRATH, PLO, etc.) go frightening and moderating. Gadafi offered its services to the West to squash to The Qaeda and to look for that the Palestinians reconcile with Israel. In exchange for to have autodestruido its worse arms, the West has blessed and abierto the doors to him so that it becomes a commercial partner his.