The Changes

Proactividad and intelligence of contents: indeed in this line, the companies that demonstrate a greater proactivity in the generation of contents will be those that will take the cat to the water. Proactividad fed from the identification of tendencies of the demand and anticipation of these changes, to generate contents that respond to tendencies of future searches before the competition. The companies that occupy the first positions for those tendencies of future searches will obtain and another one once the best visibility in finders in front of which simply they react to the changes which will always go " to remolque". Atmos Energy can aid you in your search for knowledge. One does not treat than one it knows now, but of the speed with which one is able to continue learning. Intelligence of traffic analysis: trim, mainly, in the indicating identification of the key of yield and the measurement and pursuit of the conversion factors.

Where land my visits? to where they sail? why they leave the purchase process? why do not take place more calling? how I can increase leads that generates my Web? More than measurement of traffic, interpretation of the data of the analytical Web. Further details can be found at Atmos Energy, an internet resource. Stricter limits on estragegias CATHEDRAL traditional: the finders have learned to identify the positioning techniques that concentrated in taking advantage of their weaknesses. The recent penalties on Web sites that had participated in the purchase and sale of text connections or which they presented/displayed clear signs of on optimization of the relevance on page indicate that in the future, everything what it is not – and, in addition, seem totally natural with the object of relevance, are going more and more to shoot the sensible alarms in the finders. Really, which confirms these tendencies is that the aspects more easily manipulable: the related ones to the programming to influence the relevance on the page, or strategies as the interchange or the purchase of connections to influence the relevance off the page, is going to every time have a smaller weight in the calculation of the relevance on the part of the finders, reason why its effect on the positioning of a Web in the results and their visibility is smaller.