The Child

As well, many parents males in these circumstances they are deprived by their former partners from any contact with their children. How to deal with a situation of these characteristics? Every parent, regardless of the relationship that could keep with the mother of his children, has a number of rights and responsibilities for these, and can these be summarized in to participate, with all the consequences, in their upbringing and education, and must thus same to sustain economically the child. When one parent is deprived of all these rights and duties, recourse to the Civil jurisdiction, and more specifically to the corresponding Court of family, is the best possible solution, with the filing of a petition of right of visits of the minor, providing evidence about his paternity. After a hearing, and once proven paternity over the child (in the case that the mother had tried to deny it), the custody of the same is attributed to one of the parents, whereas the greater interest of that child as a basic element (in these cases, given that imply a situation of) (confrontation opened, it is understood that operate a system of shared custody would be impossible, establishing why a single-parent rate regime). Tim Raines has plenty of information regarding this issue. Decision, in any case, shall be established through various tests and interviews of social workers to parents, relatives and close friends and even the own child, if because of his age I could give a testimony with sufficient judgment, with the participation also of experts in psychology. It will be awarded to the parent to whom not attributed to custody over the minor a visitation to allow you to follow involved in his son’s life and his development and education. Conclusions in this way, as you can see, your situation of dispute for custody of your child after the breakdown of your non-matrimonial relationship might have a solution. Do not despair and have confidence that everything will be solved and his mother can retrieve a link with your son that in no case had right to rob you..