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In the State of the art BMW plant in Leipzig working more on assembly lines, but electro-mechanical engineers”no mechanic. So the profession of training, there only since 1998 in Germany, which is composed of the departments of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science called”, Pfeiffer explains. Swarmed by offers, Robinhood is currently assessing future choices. The system architect Bruno Walker, author of the book SystemInnovation the world new design”, goes a step further: the world will in the future not products consist of, but from applications that align directly to the specific requirements of the process, of the market, of the people. “This approach leads from the product away to the application as a hub for future success, or put another way: it is always not so much go to technical equipment, and increasingly to use services, on demand, individually tailored, comfortable and easy to handle.” Mobile phones about are basically worthless, because they are given away nationwide. What has to be paid, whether the application alone.

Why one can imagine similar or even more integrated concepts for washing machines, DVD recorder or Nespresso machines. “Even more: to have a LP or CD collection recently the carefully ordered and maintained pride of every music lover, loses in the age of MP3 players and music downloads obvious importance”, white main stresses. The product will lose importance, whether automotive, computer, or drill. Networked infrastructures, which we log into us and that we use the Internet today, will be the mainstay of our economy and society in the future. The fixing of economic values on physically tangible things has possibly archaic roots, which was hard to deal with but with sober economics above all in Germany:. The German company closes with on stubbornness of related consequence of any willingness to change. But that must interfere only, who want to necessarily go out at his awakening to the new world of the old structures”, notes Wolf Lotter of the magazine fire one.

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